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How Can This Be!!!

It was a regular Thursday or Friday night, we were all at my grandparents place, my 3 aunts & uncles were all here with their kidz except for 1 uncle who was away. Anyways I was playing & goofing off as I usually do, enjoying my day and after a while, my youngest aunts husband called me from outside & we went for a walk, chatting bout several stuff that I can’t seem to recall but then I found mysef searching for my friend Joey & after half an hour roughly, my aunt called.

“Where are you? Come back here, your friend’s waiting for you” she said.

I told her that I was on my way & ended the call.. I was surprised & was wondering who was waiting for me. As I reached my destination which is my grandparents place, I went in & through the window I saw a kinda familiar guy, ergo I go into the living room where everyone is still playing & having fun and say

“Which friend?”

I turned to my right & saw that my youngest aunt was talking on the phone, sitting by the couch that’s in the corner of the living room, hugging a guy who looked extremely like my friend Joey. She turned to look at me & said

“This boy was waiting for you”

I look at him & realized that the only difference between him & Joey was that he looks a bit more fit than Joey.. So t’s Joey takeaway a couple of Kilo’s. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that’s striped with white, green, olive green & brown stripes. He was also wearing blue jeans (something Joey never wore) a brown leathered belt & white socks.

My aunt was hugging him & he was hugging her back with his head slightly tilted & resting on her arm (exactly how I always do it!!), my aunt then put the phone down, looked at me & said

“Who wants to sit next to me?”

“ME!!!” I yelled.

I took the space next to her & was hugging her, I was so happy, overjoyed & thrilled. Then the guy that looked like Joey called my name, I turned to him & he grinned & said

“Minu obook?”

I grinned the hugest grin & laughed


My heart was racing & at that moment we hugged each other with my aunt in the middle, then something strange popped in my hed & something clicked in my emotions and I said in a low voice while tightening my hug on Joey & my aunt:

“If I had only one wish.. then it would be to always feel like this”

Then a tear ran down my cheek & Joey caught it in the palm of his hand & said:

“Don’t worry, the feeling won’t away”

He then smiled, the smile turned to a grin & he then slapped me on the chest & said:

“Ok.. it’s time to wake up”

That Was EXACTLY What I Did!!!


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Syrian Guy Raped In Aqua Park!!!

I just woke up with really bad news from my brother, who was in Aqua Park yday which was Saturday 26th June 2010. Where he tells me that there was a Syrian Guy who got raped in Aqua Park by 2 Kuwaiti Guyz, a white one & the other one slightly tanned.

The security guard caught the guyz raping the Syrian boy & then they took off running towards the exit, now my brother & my cousins were sitting by the little childrens pool, on the restaurant bar & they saw those 2 guyz running. A whole bunch of angry mobs charging behind them with the security guard infront (who was really really fast according to my brother) he caught up with the 2 guyz who looked to be of the age 17 – 23, “arrested” them and called in for the police.

Police were called in & they came to arrest those 2 bastards, the white guy was first where they caught him & shot him with an electric tasor on the stomach for a minimum of 4 seconds, they then punched him, kicked his sorry ass & slapped the back of his neck “3a6oo afa”!!! After that they caught up with the 2nd slightly tanned guy & shot him with the tasor on his thigh “f5ooth” for a minimum 7 secs, the white guy was already crying his fucking eyes out with tears & they kicked the tanned guyz ass, punched him & slapped the back of his neck all the way to the car.

The Syrian boy teenager who was 14 had his family in the park with him, when his mum knew what happened she started crying for hours, his father was shocked & they were both just standing far away & just gazing with these awful looks on their faces.. 

Shame on you guyz. They brag bout us teenagers being the Guyz Of Tomorrow, The Hope Of The Future! This is what you reward your country with?! Geez, you guyz are mentally sick!!!

For The Record.. That’s one of the main reasons I didn’t want you guyz to hold me back into bringing Ke$ha back from being “SAVED”!!!


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True Friendship.. Comes From The Heart?

Have you guyz ever wondered what the word FRIEND meant? What it stands for? Why is it that the word FRIEND, means buddy, or mate or even partner?

I’ve thought about it for a really long time.. I just went through an emotional phase (still in it) and here’s what I came up with..

Forever Faithful


Is always there for you

Embraces you with a hug when you need it

Never harm you

Doing stuff together

There’s a new way to know a real friend, a new point of view that I have just realised..

True Friends will love you no matter how old you are or what your orientation is, no matter how lame, uncool & how embarassing you are ( I know that coz I know I’m kinda embarassing :P)

True friends laugh at the dumbest jokes, they put up with each others worst moods, they go along with the craziest ideas but that’s just what makes them amazing!!!

True friends will go to the ends of the world to get you what you need, they will always be there for you no matter where you are or what the situation is.

> A True & Real Friend <

Is a person whom you can be yourself with, a person whom is close to your soul

> A True & Real Friend <

Will accept your apology,  forgive you & cover up for you when you’re gone

> A True & Real Friend <

Is a person who think of you in a good way, and would accept your apology if you do him any harm and says to himself “He probably never meant it anyways”

> A True & Real Friend <

Will take care of you, your family, your children & your reputation

> A True & Real Friend <

A True & Real Friend is there for you in sickness or in health, If you’re happy or fighting back tears, in the good & bad times & finally in richness & when you’re poor (I know theyre wedding vows :P)

> A True & Real Friend <

Will influence you & will always wish you well on your journeys

> A True & Real Friend <

Advises you when you do wrong, Encourages you when you’re doing great & helps you when you’re in need of help

> A True & Real Friend <

Would give you his seat if you have no place to sit, would run to greet you before you do & would be there for you when you need him

> A True & Real Friend <

Will pray for you even when you don’t ask him to

> A True & Real Friend <

Would love you for who you are, and not for what you have & own

> A True & Real Friend <

Who means you good in & by his manners, actions & words

> A True & Real Friend <

Raises your chin up in between people & brags about you, who is proud to be friends with you & not embarassed to walk around with you

> A True & Real Friend <

Would be thrilled if you needed him & would rush to help you without charge

> A True & Real Friend <

Wishes for you what he wishes for himself

> A True & Real Friend <

A good friend would would bail you out of jail, while a real & true friend would be sitting next to saying “Damn.. We Fucked Up”

Remember This

Friendship is like pee-ing on yourself, everyone can see the pee but only you can feel the warm feeling that it brings 😛

Were friends…

You fight.. I fight

You cry.. I cry

You hurt.. I hurt

You laugh.. I laugh

You jump off a bridge.. I’m gonna miss your dumb ass

Now that, my dear readers is what friendship is all about

That is what friends do & that’s what they are

That is the defintion of the word



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I Can’t Move On…

Yesterday was AMAZING, we should do that more often!!! Anyways guyz, here’s a poem describing our AWESOME day :D!!!

Yesterday was a day of bless

A day of fun, goofness & mess,

I know it that it kinda failed

coz I planned it but no one bailed,

We gossiped a bit, here & there

Then I got kicked from sitting in my chair,

So we took a move & had breakfast,

While the rest of us were pretty restless,

For our first stop was the ice-skating rink

It’s much funnier than what you would think,

Kamila & Karamel have learned to skate

While Joey was just bitterly filled with hate,

He was really scared and had no confidence

Of falling so he kept holding the fence,

I told him that I’d give him a lesson

To teach him to skate in that session,

But apparently he’s too hard-headed

To follow my instructions as Karamel did,

He took my shoulders and learned a bit

Til we nearly collapsed and got a hit,

Kamila & Karamel were having fun

Kamila fell while Karamel flung,

We made a line by holding our shirts

We would have looked smashing wearing mini skirts,

Me & Kamila both had a race

Even tho he cheated I dusted his face.


After that our driver bailed

But the outing hasn’t definitely failed,

We took a Taxi to the Avenues

Where we had a Pinkberry and read the news,

We then took a trip to watch “Killers”

Too bad cut scenes have been filtered,

After that we roamed around the mall

Until we got tired and nearly had a fall,

We took another Taxi to another place

360 Mall which would never be a disgrace,

We went to the arcade and had some major fun

I beat Joey’s crap outta driving in the sun,

We played the game where your punch is measured

They all got 1230 and I got 7800 which I treasured,

Competed against Joey in air hockey

he beat me up & 72% was our love compatibility, (We got that from a game XD)

We walked & had lunch or dinner that is

Kamila, Joey & I trashed out the bliss,

Kamila chewed, spat & merged the food

Until the tray was extremely gooed,

We all laughed and had a challenge trick

Except for Karamel who was miserably sick,

One of us used his mobile phone

To search, save & download porn, (Wasn’t me or Joey or Karamel :P)

After that we sat and just discussed

world peace, envy, anger & lust,

We screamed & ran, we even moaned

We played and shopped until we groaned,

After that we went out & and chilled

By a haunted house to which no one was thrilled,

Kamila & I had played a fight

To which he won and I was filled with fright,

Joey kept ranting about his day

While Karamel was too tired to play,

We had a little time on the swings

But we were all too tired to blink,

I loved every minute of that awesome day

I wish I cheered and screamed out “HOORAY”,

This has to be the best day ever

Coz I’m really sad that it’s actually over,

It wasn’t that day where we brought flowers

But was a day which we spent together for 14 hours,

This day meant everything to me except for scary

It’ll happen again coz that day was… Our Friend-Aversary 😀

I LOVE GUYZ!!! *Tears Up* 🙂

Remember, Paintball next week 😉 lol 😛 😀


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New Banner :)

I think it’s quite an awesome one tbh 😀

Thnx to Joey who helped me out with working out how to actually change my banner 😛 XD

For those who are wondering who that Gal is from the banner then it’s Ihadurca/Ihadulca from the PS1 game “Evil Zone” 😀

I just LOVE that game!!


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I’ve Been Tagged!!!

I have been tagged so now Imma tag YOU!!!

1) Ok so.. the person who tagged me was… Q80Boy 😀

2) 7 random secrets about me… hmm…:

*  I lock my room to sing & dance XD

*  I prefer to sleep shirtless and in boxers or shorts 😛

*  I always call my iPhone by Mikayla XD

*  I can’t go to sleep without saying goodnight to Selena Gomez, Bolt (My puppy) and Mikayla 😛 XD

*  I hide chocolate in between my clothes in the closet XD

*  I scream like a little wussy when I see a cockroach crawling near me…

* Lastly.. I talk in my sleep, but rarely 😀 XD

3) The unfortunate people whom I’m gonna tag are… Zained, PlayedWithFire, OutToLunch, BeyondAwesome, Shereese, GayAgenda, and Christyna!!!

Thnx for the tag Q8oBoy 😉 😀 Ain’t forgettin that favor 😛 🙂


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If Loving Was Forbidden

What would you do if you could’nt hug the person you loved? From parents to cousins to friends & soulmates..

Would it be worth living? Would you mind sitting with all those people who you love & care about but not be able to touch them.. hug them or even kiss them?

It is that thing that makes us all fight, it is war that causes hate to spread.. Gossip, rumours, jealousy, wealth, and much more stuff cause love to disfunction from this world we live in..

Even animals.. Did you know that by now three families of turtles have died?


And by died i mean Extinct.. No longer roaming the earth, and that a certain Family of tigers has already reached the figure of less than 3000? That the Dodo bird has been wiped off the face of the earth 3 years ago?

Who cares? what are the points of animals anyways? They just eat, mate, shit and die.

FYI these animals are the reason you’re living and eating & enjoying you’re shitty luxurious life, from eating from  French Restaurant to dining on a boat with Sea Food buffets for dinner. How would you feel if I snatched your iPhone? Or your PSP or PS3 and crashed it to the floor and stepped on it? Wouldn’t you want to kill me? Well those poor animals can do nothing!!

Where’s the love that you’ve been bragging about? Is your definition of love “I kissed my babe girl & bought her a chocolate truffle and a bouquet of roses”?  Well then you can kiss my ass for all I care.

How would you feel if a Bothremydidae killed your mum? Oh wait they can’t for 3 reasons:

1. They’re turtles,

2. They’re harmless and can’t kill,

3. They’re already exticnt!!!

But just take a minute or two to think about it.. How would your children feel if you never loved them? or cared about them? They’d feel abandoned, maybe just like how you got abandoned and never been cared for by your parents.

Ask yourself.. Is loving that hard? Would it kill you to give up an hour of your day which you spent playing or resting in, to just maybe go and throw a piece of bread out the window? Or hug your mum & dad & siblings and tell them you love them? Maybe even hug a friend who you know you will miss with the dayz to come? You might just get surprised & dazzled at what you might get back!!

Then just go and show em that you love em before its too late.. Life & time wait for no one, they can be as cruel as to wipe off the person you love or the person you care about. So don’t make love a free thing to giveaway, make love a special way to express your feeling to the friend you love, the siblings who annoy you, the parents who raised you and the granparents who rocked you to bed 😀 Why not be like the guy below?


It’s nothing to be ashamed of to show a caring side, even if you’re a pirate, a judge or a lawyer, a prostitute or a guy who performs execution, a prince, a king or even a tough guy who looks cool. Because if you don’t care and show em some love, you’re gonna lose em forever. Embrace life & love those who you care about.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have no excuse whatsoever to not hug, or kiss or even care.

If you have allergies, take allergy injection!

Certain Phobia towards animals?  Go to any other animal!

Phobia towards ALL animals? Try to conquer your fear or just throw them food from a distance!!

You have phobia from hugging guyz? No worries coz that duzn’t even exist!!! 😛 lol

Too man to hug or care? Soften up, coz deep inside you’re a loving shy guy or girl and you KNOW IT!!!!

What I’m saying is that caring & loving is a MUST, no one in this world, not even The Undertaker could go on with life without a hug or someone caring for him!!! Don’t reject a hug and always smile for everyone you meet, because a smile from you means the world to someone else 🙂 😀


  It’s not embarassing for guyz to hug each other and it’s definitely not embarassing for them to cry together or even discuss problems, love was made for everyone to share, it’s just that women aren’t afraid to show it, they’re not ashamed to show their caring side while guyz.. they just care bout lookin tough & macho. Two guyz hugging duzn’t necessarily make them gay, it’s just that guyz feel insecure & paranoid about what other people (specifically other guyz) think.

That’s the difference between animals & humani’s, animals alike as both genders share their love with their offspring & friendz so why can’t we?

Help us to make a change, that would help you in finding your happiness 😀

😀 “Hugs and smiles are free, but the smiles & laughter they put on the face of those you care about is priceless” 😀


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To Us.. And To Us Only!!

This poem is only dedicated,

To those of you who graduated,

Joey, Kandace, Kamila & Karamel,

I’d still love this if it takes me to hell,

Coz the best day this has really been,

I know we may have commited a sin,

From having some kisses in a ghetto,

To dancing & stripping and going loco,

A dinner in a restaurant with at least a star,

By squeezing & heading there in my mums car,

Our graduation hats went in the air,

And one got stuck on the chandelier,

Who would have thought that we would be,

Walking & gliding on the catwalk like Royalty,

Chatting and texting when no ones looking,

While one of us was looking forward to hooking,

With a friends brother who was totally “hot”,

I think you’d better stay away coz he’s definitely not ,

The type of guy you think he is,

He’d never give you a room at Ritz,

Moving onto our midnight walk,

We had some fun and we had some talk,

While two of you who were talkin bout hot guyz,

A couple of us were gazing with looks of surprise,

As soon as you lifted your heads up,

You laughed & we watched some girls and a cup,

Who would have thought that a Ke$ha song,

Would lead to orgasming and sex gone horribly wrong,

I liked sticking myself out of the cars window,

But I got pulled in and received a blow,

I really love you guyz coz I know you care,

You love me back (I hope so) and never dare,

To forget this wonderful night of your life,

Even if it was after having that dirty thing with your wife,

From being boyz a moment back then,

To dressing up like business men,

So this night has to be without a doubt,

The highlight of what life’s about.

I’m gonna miss you guyz & our meaningless talks XD

Promise me we’ll always be together, till death do us part 😛 XD

No matter how old we are & no matter where were gonna be, your numbers & messages will always be with me 😀

I have a graduated younger brother, A cousin who graduated with me too, A lezbian queer who decided to tag along and a bitch who we all love and can’t ignore 😀

Oh Geez, i’m crying now.. XD how corny is that? lol. Love ya 4ever and ever!!


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I Don’t Want You To Grow Up :'(

Oh little brother whom i really love,

I guess it’s time to free the dove,

For a decent adult you have become,

But if you need love I’ll give you some,

But why did you have to grow-up so fast,

I want the pinching & spoiling to last,

For you’re the best brother to whom I can relate,

Not like the one I have and hate,

Who would have thought that I would be,

The one to miss a huge grown baby,

I know that you want me to stop,

But I won’t do it even if you pop,

I’ll still hold you and smack your tits,

And dress you with a shirt that fits,

You still go on with that same hair,

And still give us that nasty glare,

But we still love you even that Karamel,

I don’t want to see a wedding bell,

My little brother plz don’t go away,

At least give me a hug without delay,

I know you think I’m a stinky bean,

But for Gods Sake you’re still sixteen,

It is for real you have a huge build,

I know it’s true but I’m just too thrilled,

To have a brother as amazing as you,

Who can be as smart as Nancy Drew,

For you are and you will always be,

The baby brother who still hugs me,

Why is it that they do not think,

That you could skate in an ice-rink,

I’ll take you there it would be lovely,

I know you’ll be happy.. ain’t that right Joey?

This poem is entirely dedicated to my Joey 😀

Don’t grow up too fast ok? 🙂 😛

Enjoy life and embrace your fleeing childhood 😀

I should be the big one hugging you >.< but o well, since you’re huger, I guess you get to take him 😛 😀 lol


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Today, typical day of school, nothin new except for my Mathematics Exam.

But before going to the exam I got some stuff from the grocery store:


Choco Milk,

and 2x Mentos Gum.

I went to school and finished one pack of Mentos.. after the exam, Me, Kelly & Kandace decided to go to The Sultan Center that’s by our school.. We went and hanged out there, they bought some stuff while I kept popping a Mento gum after the other into my mouth.. As soon as we got out and were done, one of the Security Dudes comes & says, come to my Office.

He took us 3 into his office & said:

“Are you sure you didn’t forget to pay for anything”

Us 3 Simoltaneously:

Ya we paid for everything

Security Dude:

“He stole a Packet of Gum pointing at me..


Excuse me..? I have had this from the morning and you say I stole them?”


“Shut up.. check their bags..”

2 other officers checked what we had & our bags, he started cussing & insisting that I stole his damn Mentos Packet.
“You want me to show you the recording? Huh?”


“Sure show me,  don’t care, I’ve been chewing from school and even gave my friends some..”

They nodded & then Karamel called Kelly and they talked for like a few seconds.

He rewinded the tape & I saw myself reaching into my pocket, eating a Mento and sliding the packet inside again. I told him to rewind it some more till the beginning and he saw that from the minute I came into the Sultan Center, I was chewing and that I fortunately was popping a Mento in my mouth the moment I came in.

His reaction?

He was mad, his assisstant confirmed that I got this stuff from another grocery and the other 2 Security Guyz were friendly, they apologized and let us go while the fuckin whore just said: “Ok leave now”

Such an asshole with a nerve!!!


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