About me…

I’m just your average 16 yr old guy teen. (17 in 3 months)

I like swimming, reading and the internet. You can say I’m kinda athletic 😀

I like to run & goof around most of the time which can be really annoying sometimes (thats what i’ve been told lol)

I’m not realy organized when it comes to my blog, but my rooms pretty tidy lol.

Hope you guys/galz love my blog!!!


(that’s my signature)



  1. hi there little lady, liked your blog, you are smart mashalla 🙂 am also a new blogger 🙂 can u visit my blog & tell me what you think ? i wanna add u as a friend & u too add me as a friend..


    thankss soo much 🙂

    • sure 🙂 we can comment on each others posts 😀 and friends it is!!!


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