Posted by: lactosuria | November 11, 2010

Rihanna Gives Birth To Baphomet’s HEAD!!!

You guyz know that I didn’t actually & literally mean she gave birth.. Hope so!! Fingers crossed 😛

Ok many of you have heard this before.. I never actually believed it coz I had this Rihanna – Umbrella video that was like.. “Played With”

So I go download the official video and yes from RihannaVEVO and watched the video.. It was so freakin amazing yet freaky at the same time!! It’s like having a chocolate cake for breakfast when your mum is a healthy eating maniac!!!

Look at this.. I love the part of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” where she dodges the water & sprays some with hand gestures, anyways.. If you’re a fan of the “Water Dodging” part then you mighta noticed..

So watch the video to the point where Rihanna glides her hands to the left then the right, then dips her hed down & brings her hands in an upwards arc..

This is what you’ll see:

Ok now look at the pointers here:

Now if you trace the “STAR” she shot from the arc.. This is what you’ll get:

Ok I know the face was irrelevant.. but just take a look at the outline and ignore the lousy face that I drew XD

Now don’t tell me.. “Her hands made that” or “The water moved that way” or “The water was moving with the FLOW”

At that case I would like to say:

“Fuck you!! The video was shot in a closed studio!! Nothing coulda done that!! Whatever appears in the video was MEANT to be in the video!!”

You’ll also notice that the “Baphomet” head emerges from her womb.. talk about nasty birthing!!

That doesn’t necessarily mean Rihanna’s bad.. Maybe she doesn’t know the director did this.. maybe she did.. Nevertheless.. Illuminati‘s rule.. yet again 🙂

*Scary music plays when you read the word “Illuminati”*

Now have fun’s y’all and never mind the “Fuck you.. blah blah” speech 😛 I guess i’m worked up a bit XD Check the video out for yourself and you’ll see.. tell me what YOU think!!!

Forgive Me (A) *Puppy dog eyes with bottom lip puckered* 😛 n yes I am “Superstitious” if ya got a problem with that.. leave a comment XD 😛




  1. Here is more information about the Illuminati, Baphomet, and Rihanna:

  2. Hmm I’m starting to think (a) you have too much time on your hands (b) you’re obsessed with chocolate and (c) a little crazy.. ^_^
    Ps I’m superstitious too hehe.

  3. lmfaoo XD (A) I do have alotta time.. i got the WHOLE time!! 😛 (B) I really do love chocolate.. mmmmm 😛 XD (C) im not crazy! XD Ok maybe a leeeettle bit 😛 .. Ok LOADS crazy XD but its true!! go watch this video on youtube “Music Industry Exposed” its got 10 parts!! then tell me what u think XD

    (Loving the fact the comment is loooooong :P)


  4. l0l people think that i “worship the devil” because i KNOW that the illuminati exist. smh this has been going on since 1776 .. the industries have & always will be FUCKEd up -_- the govt is apart of it tooo. even the obama’s =-o

    • No shit!! the Obama’s? :O Govt has been fucked up for ages but truth be told i never suspected the Obamas!! plz explain 😀


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