Posted by: lactosuria | October 28, 2010

Test Result For.. Chocolate? :S

I busted my ass memorizing everything I could bout “The Eye” till my eye heart (hurt) like crap!! But I said “Oh no.. it’s worth it.. The Eye comes every year in the Biology Exam”

and it DIDNT!! I didnt mind.. the test went Okizai!! 🙂 I was happy and then came the question..:

“Come up with a simple safe test for Starch & Reducing Sugar..”

I repeated the question in my head.. & repeated & repeated and I came up with.. “Chocolate” >.<

I congratulated myself and was yeah thats the answer.. the fuck am I thinking.. CONCENTRATE!! Surely the invigilator with a wig (It looks like a wig & I’m 1000% sure its a wig XD) gazing at me didnt help at all >.<

Eventually I kept on thinking bout the answer to that awful question and then my brain said:

“Who cares!! You solved everything else, let this one go”

I was like “No.. seriously just look for the answer”

Brain: “As if you’re gonna want to know or even will need to know those tests.. tell me who ever has used those tests in their life”

I was like: “No one but theyre asking me to know now.. so you got anything?”

and the arguement went on and the I think the Invigilators got scared coz I was talking to myself.. and 15 min left for the exam..

My brain won and I ended up singing and humming to myself till I got out and thank god with my sanity 😀



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