Posted by: lactosuria | August 24, 2010

Don’t Try This!!!

1 Month after my birthday 😛 : 22nd August 2010.

I’ve went through a really amazing phase in which I haven’t eaten or drank anything for 2 dayz!! As none of you know I have a part time job and my job lasts 4 hours from 1o pm – 2 am.. I was doing OK and working at 110% but when it was 11:55 pm.. I called for my break and got the tray to get my meal & break.. Suddenly just as I picked the tray I started feeling a bit tired.. then everything started going bright white.. The hell am I supposed to see?!!

So I bump into a colleague.. my tray fallz, I apologize & take the tray and keep running towards the lunch room.. where I collapsed and NEARLY faint.. (don’t go around telling people I fainted.. coz I NEARLY fainted).. I started breathing heavily & my arms started twitching.. my eyes got all blurry and the hell.. all I thought about was “keep going on”!!! I wanted to see how long I’d last with no food or water.. apparently not long enough >.<

Anyways.. what also changed along this year is my addiction.. I am sadly addicted to drinking Nescafé Mocha´s. I drink about 4 in an hour & I have to resupply myself with 10 cans everyday just so I can have my brain set at ease & relieved that there is no way I’d run out of it!! I’ve been told that it was bad by a friend of mine.. cool but I kept on going & drinking.. I saw the picture below & am still going strong and drinking more.. >.<


  1. Recent consumption of caffeine, usually in excess of 250 mg.
  2. At least five of the following signs:
    1. restlessness
    2. nervousness
    3. excitement
    4. insomnia
    5. flushed face
    6. diuresis
    7. gastrointestinal disturbance
    8. muscle twitching
    9. rambling flow of thought and speech
    10. tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia
    11. periods of inexhaustibility
    12. psychomotor agitation


  3. Not due to any physical or other mental disorder, such as an Anxiety Disorder.

Basically, overdosing on caffeine will probably be very very unpleasant but not kill or deliver permanent damage. However, People do die from it.

So peoplez who are reading this.. don’t EVER start drinking that evil sexy drink!! One sip and you’re hooked for eternity!! I’ve called sick for work yday & I’m blogging this post today when I should be at work.. but apparently I’m “sick” according to body.. which frankly I don’t care coz it’s you who controls the body & make it do what YOU want.. the body ain’t your master!! Remember you can do ANYTHING if you put your heart to it!!! 😛

I wonder how many cans it’d take to kill me.. the friend who told me it was bad thinks 69 cans is enough XD I know what he means but still.. he might be right!!!

Peace Out!!!




  1. Overdosing anything is bad for you even frigging water!! You’ll get overhydrated!! Half the world drinks coffee and don’t faint .. ur just stupid for drinking too much .. and that can is seriously nothing .. try the hot beverage!! 😛

    • lmfaoo i actually think the NEARLY fainting was coz of no food or water for 2 dayz XD i never faint coz of drinking or whatnot 😛 thats silly XD you try no food for 2 dayz XD that’d be a real funny to watch 😛 XD


  2. I’d die without food or water for 2 days!! Good you didn’t pass out though.
    Ok, your poll? let’s get this clear…you’re not awesome lol! XD
    back on topic : I hate coffee! But for some reason I like coffee cake… Hmm that makes no sense..

    • lmfaoooooooooo thats.. some backway thinking XD maybe u say eww coffee, but in coffee cake.. ur mind says “screw the coffee ill just taste the cake” XD


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