Posted by: lactosuria | August 15, 2010

My Friend’s Famous :O

I got ma friend who y’all prolly know: Q80Boy

One of his readers Hunter found this website which included a blog, the post was about Zain Telecom or something and the blog belongs to Q80Boy XDĀ 

Here’s the screenie šŸ˜›

You have to click on it then zoom in >.< Oh well XD

He’s prolly gonna end up as an Internet Celebrity.. boy won’t that be a blast šŸ˜›




  1. lmfao!!

    ur more excited than i am šŸ˜› its just an aggregator .. and cause i love kuwait airways so much (i dont :P) my blog showed up there LOL!!

  2. Oh come on! It is pretty cool… Lol. And you want to know the funny thing? I wasn’t even searching for q80boy but for something on q8 airways when that appeared…

  3. who isnt excited bout their friend being an internet celebrity? XD as ur career manager & advisor šŸ˜› I say ur next step is vlogging šŸ˜› you’ll be a hit.. and a great source of fame for me.. i mean you and yeah šŸ˜› XD


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