Posted by: lactosuria | August 15, 2010

Letting Go..

I know imma regret makin this post but.. I think i’m way too held up by my childhood. I don’t want to let go & can’t seem to let go. I can’t even accept the fact I’m growing up & that I have to stand up alone to face the world.. To go to college & work for a living. All I seem to think of, to want or to even dream of is just me, my friends & my family to just stay the same as we always have.

But now, everyone is leaving.. Everyone’s taking off towards their future & destiny… Everyone except for me. My cousins are leaving for college now, my brother & a couple other cousins are too young for me to hang out with.. My friends, well they’re all setting off to face the world and confront their future.

But.. what about me? What about my adventure?

I’m normally outgoing and all.. but now.. I’m scared, frightened and lonely.

Eventually imma have to let go.. sooner or later, but I choose now. I choose to face the world alone, I choose to stand up to the world and scream out loud “I Will Make It!!!”

But.. what would be of my past, I would’t want to leave all the memories and fun times I had, the ups & downs & especially my friends & family. I might be 17.. but I am growing up at my own pace, if I compare myself to my friends.. I’m way back, way way behind & the only chance to catch up with them is.. I have to let go & forget them, to bury them away with my memories to keep my head straight & my thoughts concentrated. If that’s the price it’d take to get me to the top.. then i’m searching for a new way, a way to keep my friends and still be ontop, a way in which I would be running alongside them & facing what the world has to bring..

I’m letting go.. but I’m not forgetting.

People & family used to tell me, “Don’t get too attached to someone, don’t trust anyone but yourself.”

I first thought that was true & did exactly that.. but then I met my friends, they made life a great experience. Fun, enjoyable, great, happy & colourful.. it got me too attached, with no way to let go.

I’ve always been living in my own fantasy world, but this is a wake-up call.. it’s time to snap out of this & join my friends & family.. It’s time to DUEL!!!




  1. wow .. congrats bro .. finally! 😛

    • lmfaoo thnx u XD this is one step for me.. a really really ancient old step for everyone ahead of me 😛 btw.. how the hell am I supposed to post >.< i cant 😦


    check it out 🙂 And about what you wrote above?I’m the same. So not ready to be grown up. I mean, I love watching kids tv and today I saw some kids playing catch outside and had to stop myself going and joining in.. Looked fun! I log onto my friends facebook pages and they’re all about going to clubs and work and stuff. I’m like that’s not cool! That’s not me!

    • checked it out already!! 😀 and lol bout the kidz.. it IS fun!! But I guess its time to stop >.< Q8oBoy has matured and grown-up since he was 5 XD really not into these things XD nevertheless love him XD 😛


  3. Dude you owe me big time. So you go ahead and post a post on your blog telling people how much my blog rocks. Deal?

    • You got yourself one heck of a deal 😛 your blog will be popular in no time XD I got some resources 😛


      • Lol cool!
        and I never said this, but wordpress is kinda cool…

    • lovely XD 😛 nd.. duz this mean i own you or you own me.. coz the word is actually tricky XD so when you said “You owe me” it means “I’m in ur debt” which means I get to ask a favor of you right? 😛 (Its ok if u dont understand this.. its quite tricky actually XD)


      • What did you want? :-p
        and what I ment was you, J*A*K*E, owe me, Hunter. No need to get smart now hehe.

  4. oohh ok XD ill give u more than u ever bargained for >: ) *Insert Evil Laugh Here* XD


    • Now I’m worried…

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