Posted by: lactosuria | August 14, 2010

Barack Obama Host Iftar

President Barack Obama was compared favorably to America’s first president and castigated as uncaring Friday after defending plans to create a mosque two blocks from New York’s ground zero.

“Muslims have the right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country,” Obama told a White House dinner crowd celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan Friday.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has defended the 13-story, $100 million Islamic center, said Obama’s remarks reminded him of George Washington.

President Barack Obama hosts an iftar dinner, the meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, Friday in the White House State Dining Room. Obama said the American tenet of religious freedom means the freedom of Muslims to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City.

“Two hundred and twenty years ago this week, the Father of Our Country penned his famous letter to the Jewish Community of Newport Rhode Island or, as he called them, ‘the Children of the Stock of Abraham.’ President Obama’s words tonight evoked President Washington’s own August reminder that ‘all possess alike liberty,'” Bloomberg said.

But Bloomberg wasn’t speaking for all New Yorkers.

Rick A. Lazio, a Republican candidate for governor and a former member of the House of Representatives, issued a statement late Friday that the president was still “not listening to New Yorkers,” The New York Times reported.

“With over 100 mosques in New York City, this is not an issue of religion, but one of safety and security,” he said.

With that.. Obama never ceased to amaze me! One great guy!!!




  1. Lol this is a very serious post from you! But I think it’s good of Obama. I mean, all Muslims didn’t cause 9/11… Just a few ‘freaks’ who don’t even have the right to be called Muslim. By alowing the mosque to be built, it’s showing that America IS a place where you have the right to freedoms. The 9/11 attacks changed the world forever and some may say that it is insensitive to build the center so close to ground zero but If thouse haters took the time, they’d see Islam is peaceful and hated what happened that day as much as the west of the world.
    Well that’s what I think anyway!!
    ps I told q80boy, I’m starting my own blog because of reading your guy’s blogs, so you better visit !

    • Lol I know.. I’m surprised of the post myself!! XD and no worries, just post me your blogs link 🙂 imma visit ya for sure 😛


  2. and what about the retards in the US that want us to move Eid cause it might occur on 9/11 .. heard of them?

    i want them to change christmas day to the 23rd of december .. my caterpillar died on the 25th 😦 (i dont have a caterpillar dont get overjoyed :P)

    • Wait. Catapillars can die? I never ever thought of that. I’m not trying to be funny or anything I really just never thought of them dying..

      • lmfaoo ofcourse they die XD well death by murder anyways XD 😛 stepping on em or sprayin em XD


    • Soooo I’m sat eating my lunch today and look down at my jacket… Guess what was on it?? A CATERPILLAR!!!!!! I flicked it off.. Then remembered about you guys and the whole can they die thing…but then I couldn’t find him again… Sigh..

      • lmfaooo u got owned son 😛 chances & opportunities like that happen once in a lifetime 😛 XD i once had a caterpillar all the way up to my chest bout 10 years ago im in Yr.1 XD i started shouting till the teacher picked it off XD 😛


  3. this is awesome man

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