Posted by: lactosuria | July 24, 2010

Life In A Day!!

If you’re a YouTube regular or are bored most of the time then you might have been going to YouTube alot more lately.. If you have an eye for spotting differences then you might have noticed this:

(Click on the picture coz you can’t see it properly without full size.. idiots if you think you can >.<)

I pointed at it in the search box 😛


Now for the real deal behind this “Filming Day” is as follows:

Helping Document A Single Day On Earth From Everyone’s Lives 🙂

A pretty good idea I would say & all those who participate & upload their videos of some of their lives including answering some Q’s like:

What do you love the most?

What do you fear the most?

What makes you laugh?

What makes  you sad?

What do you have in your pockets (for girls it can be purses :P)?

The most compelling & distinctive footage would be edited together to make 1 Experimental Documentary Film of everyones life on our beloved Earth. Producer is Ridley Scott & Director is Kevin Macdonald (Weird huh?) 😛

If you really really really really really wanna join then all you gotta do is follow these 3 Simple Steps:

1) Film Your Day.

2) Answer Kevins Questions.

3) Upload Your Video.

For more information & for location of uploading videos & the rules go to:

Have fun & hopefully your footage gets chosen 😀

*Is off to shoot his own footage*




  1. naaah im not wasting my time on that .. London baby!! 😛 hehe

    • lmfaooo!! thats EXACTLY why u should film it 😛
      “what do you love? the bushes”
      “what do you fear? no one with me in the bushes”
      “what makes you laugh? the bushes”
      “what makes you sad? no one to play with me in the bushes” XD
      😉 😛 LOL!!!

  2. what do i love?

    the girl who fell in front of me in Picadilly 😛

    what do i fear? she has a boy friend

    what makes u laugh? she broke her heal

    what makes u sad? i walked on and caught a bus back home 😛

    nice? 🙂

    • LMFAO!! pretty good I’d say 😛 u shoulda offered to help her 😛 XD

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