Posted by: lactosuria | July 16, 2010

How Can This Be!!!

It was a regular Thursday or Friday night, we were all at my grandparents place, my 3 aunts & uncles were all here with their kidz except for 1 uncle who was away. Anyways I was playing & goofing off as I usually do, enjoying my day and after a while, my youngest aunts husband called me from outside & we went for a walk, chatting bout several stuff that I can’t seem to recall but then I found mysef searching for my friend Joey & after half an hour roughly, my aunt called.

“Where are you? Come back here, your friend’s waiting for you” she said.

I told her that I was on my way & ended the call.. I was surprised & was wondering who was waiting for me. As I reached my destination which is my grandparents place, I went in & through the window I saw a kinda familiar guy, ergo I go into the living room where everyone is still playing & having fun and say

“Which friend?”

I turned to my right & saw that my youngest aunt was talking on the phone, sitting by the couch that’s in the corner of the living room, hugging a guy who looked extremely like my friend Joey. She turned to look at me & said

“This boy was waiting for you”

I look at him & realized that the only difference between him & Joey was that he looks a bit more fit than Joey.. So t’s Joey takeaway a couple of Kilo’s. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that’s striped with white, green, olive green & brown stripes. He was also wearing blue jeans (something Joey never wore) a brown leathered belt & white socks.

My aunt was hugging him & he was hugging her back with his head slightly tilted & resting on her arm (exactly how I always do it!!), my aunt then put the phone down, looked at me & said

“Who wants to sit next to me?”

“ME!!!” I yelled.

I took the space next to her & was hugging her, I was so happy, overjoyed & thrilled. Then the guy that looked like Joey called my name, I turned to him & he grinned & said

“Minu obook?”

I grinned the hugest grin & laughed


My heart was racing & at that moment we hugged each other with my aunt in the middle, then something strange popped in my hed & something clicked in my emotions and I said in a low voice while tightening my hug on Joey & my aunt:

“If I had only one wish.. then it would be to always feel like this”

Then a tear ran down my cheek & Joey caught it in the palm of his hand & said:

“Don’t worry, the feeling won’t away”

He then smiled, the smile turned to a grin & he then slapped me on the chest & said:

“Ok.. it’s time to wake up”

That Was EXACTLY What I Did!!!




  1. na3am? 😮

    ishfeek u5ooy?? 😛

    • hey its the dream XD 😛 i have nothing to do with it XD it really is weird… wtf were u doing with my aunt 😛 XD

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