Posted by: lactosuria | June 27, 2010

Syrian Guy Raped In Aqua Park!!!

I just woke up with really bad news from my brother, who was in Aqua Park yday which was Saturday 26th June 2010. Where he tells me that there was a Syrian Guy who got raped in Aqua Park by 2 Kuwaiti Guyz, a white one & the other one slightly tanned.

The security guard caught the guyz raping the Syrian boy & then they took off running towards the exit, now my brother & my cousins were sitting by the little childrens pool, on the restaurant bar & they saw those 2 guyz running. A whole bunch of angry mobs charging behind them with the security guard infront (who was really really fast according to my brother) he caught up with the 2 guyz who looked to be of the age 17 – 23, “arrested” them and called in for the police.

Police were called in & they came to arrest those 2 bastards, the white guy was first where they caught him & shot him with an electric tasor on the stomach for a minimum of 4 seconds, they then punched him, kicked his sorry ass & slapped the back of his neck “3a6oo afa”!!! After that they caught up with the 2nd slightly tanned guy & shot him with the tasor on his thigh “f5ooth” for a minimum 7 secs, the white guy was already crying his fucking eyes out with tears & they kicked the tanned guyz ass, punched him & slapped the back of his neck all the way to the car.

The Syrian boy teenager who was 14 had his family in the park with him, when his mum knew what happened she started crying for hours, his father was shocked & they were both just standing far away & just gazing with these awful looks on their faces.. 

Shame on you guyz. They brag bout us teenagers being the Guyz Of Tomorrow, The Hope Of The Future! This is what you reward your country with?! Geez, you guyz are mentally sick!!!

For The Record.. That’s one of the main reasons I didn’t want you guyz to hold me back into bringing Ke$ha back from being “SAVED”!!!




    I feel so sorry for the lil 14 year old 😥
    Do you happen to know if the gay ass rapers reallyyy are Kuwaiti? They’re so white:p

  2. haha i don’t know, my bro said they were (spoke q8i fluently) lol, thanks for passing by 🙂 Hope u stop by again soon 😀


  3. aw that sucks:/
    yeahh np, ur blog is cool ;p

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