Posted by: lactosuria | June 16, 2010

I Can’t Move On…

Yesterday was AMAZING, we should do that more often!!! Anyways guyz, here’s a poem describing our AWESOME day :D!!!

Yesterday was a day of bless

A day of fun, goofness & mess,

I know it that it kinda failed

coz I planned it but no one bailed,

We gossiped a bit, here & there

Then I got kicked from sitting in my chair,

So we took a move & had breakfast,

While the rest of us were pretty restless,

For our first stop was the ice-skating rink

It’s much funnier than what you would think,

Kamila & Karamel have learned to skate

While Joey was just bitterly filled with hate,

He was really scared and had no confidence

Of falling so he kept holding the fence,

I told him that I’d give him a lesson

To teach him to skate in that session,

But apparently he’s too hard-headed

To follow my instructions as Karamel did,

He took my shoulders and learned a bit

Til we nearly collapsed and got a hit,

Kamila & Karamel were having fun

Kamila fell while Karamel flung,

We made a line by holding our shirts

We would have looked smashing wearing mini skirts,

Me & Kamila both had a race

Even tho he cheated I dusted his face.


After that our driver bailed

But the outing hasn’t definitely failed,

We took a Taxi to the Avenues

Where we had a Pinkberry and read the news,

We then took a trip to watch “Killers”

Too bad cut scenes have been filtered,

After that we roamed around the mall

Until we got tired and nearly had a fall,

We took another Taxi to another place

360 Mall which would never be a disgrace,

We went to the arcade and had some major fun

I beat Joey’s crap outta driving in the sun,

We played the game where your punch is measured

They all got 1230 and I got 7800 which I treasured,

Competed against Joey in air hockey

he beat me up & 72% was our love compatibility, (We got that from a game XD)

We walked & had lunch or dinner that is

Kamila, Joey & I trashed out the bliss,

Kamila chewed, spat & merged the food

Until the tray was extremely gooed,

We all laughed and had a challenge trick

Except for Karamel who was miserably sick,

One of us used his mobile phone

To search, save & download porn, (Wasn’t me or Joey or Karamel :P)

After that we sat and just discussed

world peace, envy, anger & lust,

We screamed & ran, we even moaned

We played and shopped until we groaned,

After that we went out & and chilled

By a haunted house to which no one was thrilled,

Kamila & I had played a fight

To which he won and I was filled with fright,

Joey kept ranting about his day

While Karamel was too tired to play,

We had a little time on the swings

But we were all too tired to blink,

I loved every minute of that awesome day

I wish I cheered and screamed out “HOORAY”,

This has to be the best day ever

Coz I’m really sad that it’s actually over,

It wasn’t that day where we brought flowers

But was a day which we spent together for 14 hours,

This day meant everything to me except for scary

It’ll happen again coz that day was… Our Friend-Aversary 😀

I LOVE GUYZ!!! *Tears Up* 🙂

Remember, Paintball next week 😉 lol 😛 😀




  1. awww ..

    .. i beat the crap out of you at the air hockey game though! 😛

    • lmfaoo i totally forgot to add that 😛 XD
      *updates post* lol


  2. Air hockey? 😮

  3. Air hockeys fun!!! did u get ur dog from the animal friends yet?

    • not yet but on my way tho 😀 I need to find out where the plce is tho >.< XD
      Thnx for passing by 🙂 really appreciate it!


      • Haha no problem. Nice blog. Let us know when youve got the puppy XD and if you go to the website or call them you’ll get the address.

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