Posted by: lactosuria | June 2, 2010

I’ve Been Tagged!!!

I have been tagged so now Imma tag YOU!!!

1) Ok so.. the person who tagged me was… Q80Boy 😀

2) 7 random secrets about me… hmm…:

*  I lock my room to sing & dance XD

*  I prefer to sleep shirtless and in boxers or shorts 😛

*  I always call my iPhone by Mikayla XD

*  I can’t go to sleep without saying goodnight to Selena Gomez, Bolt (My puppy) and Mikayla 😛 XD

*  I hide chocolate in between my clothes in the closet XD

*  I scream like a little wussy when I see a cockroach crawling near me…

* Lastly.. I talk in my sleep, but rarely 😀 XD

3) The unfortunate people whom I’m gonna tag are… Zained, PlayedWithFire, OutToLunch, BeyondAwesome, Shereese, GayAgenda, and Christyna!!!

Thnx for the tag Q8oBoy 😉 😀 Ain’t forgettin that favor 😛 🙂




  1. Not many secrets there in my point of view 😉

  2. lol yup thats for you, you kinda know everything XD 😛 so its no surprise lol 😀


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