Posted by: lactosuria | June 1, 2010

If Loving Was Forbidden

What would you do if you could’nt hug the person you loved? From parents to cousins to friends & soulmates..

Would it be worth living? Would you mind sitting with all those people who you love & care about but not be able to touch them.. hug them or even kiss them?

It is that thing that makes us all fight, it is war that causes hate to spread.. Gossip, rumours, jealousy, wealth, and much more stuff cause love to disfunction from this world we live in..

Even animals.. Did you know that by now three families of turtles have died?


And by died i mean Extinct.. No longer roaming the earth, and that a certain Family of tigers has already reached the figure of less than 3000? That the Dodo bird has been wiped off the face of the earth 3 years ago?

Who cares? what are the points of animals anyways? They just eat, mate, shit and die.

FYI these animals are the reason you’re living and eating & enjoying you’re shitty luxurious life, from eating from  French Restaurant to dining on a boat with Sea Food buffets for dinner. How would you feel if I snatched your iPhone? Or your PSP or PS3 and crashed it to the floor and stepped on it? Wouldn’t you want to kill me? Well those poor animals can do nothing!!

Where’s the love that you’ve been bragging about? Is your definition of love “I kissed my babe girl & bought her a chocolate truffle and a bouquet of roses”?  Well then you can kiss my ass for all I care.

How would you feel if a Bothremydidae killed your mum? Oh wait they can’t for 3 reasons:

1. They’re turtles,

2. They’re harmless and can’t kill,

3. They’re already exticnt!!!

But just take a minute or two to think about it.. How would your children feel if you never loved them? or cared about them? They’d feel abandoned, maybe just like how you got abandoned and never been cared for by your parents.

Ask yourself.. Is loving that hard? Would it kill you to give up an hour of your day which you spent playing or resting in, to just maybe go and throw a piece of bread out the window? Or hug your mum & dad & siblings and tell them you love them? Maybe even hug a friend who you know you will miss with the dayz to come? You might just get surprised & dazzled at what you might get back!!

Then just go and show em that you love em before its too late.. Life & time wait for no one, they can be as cruel as to wipe off the person you love or the person you care about. So don’t make love a free thing to giveaway, make love a special way to express your feeling to the friend you love, the siblings who annoy you, the parents who raised you and the granparents who rocked you to bed 😀 Why not be like the guy below?


It’s nothing to be ashamed of to show a caring side, even if you’re a pirate, a judge or a lawyer, a prostitute or a guy who performs execution, a prince, a king or even a tough guy who looks cool. Because if you don’t care and show em some love, you’re gonna lose em forever. Embrace life & love those who you care about.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have no excuse whatsoever to not hug, or kiss or even care.

If you have allergies, take allergy injection!

Certain Phobia towards animals?  Go to any other animal!

Phobia towards ALL animals? Try to conquer your fear or just throw them food from a distance!!

You have phobia from hugging guyz? No worries coz that duzn’t even exist!!! 😛 lol

Too man to hug or care? Soften up, coz deep inside you’re a loving shy guy or girl and you KNOW IT!!!!

What I’m saying is that caring & loving is a MUST, no one in this world, not even The Undertaker could go on with life without a hug or someone caring for him!!! Don’t reject a hug and always smile for everyone you meet, because a smile from you means the world to someone else 🙂 😀


  It’s not embarassing for guyz to hug each other and it’s definitely not embarassing for them to cry together or even discuss problems, love was made for everyone to share, it’s just that women aren’t afraid to show it, they’re not ashamed to show their caring side while guyz.. they just care bout lookin tough & macho. Two guyz hugging duzn’t necessarily make them gay, it’s just that guyz feel insecure & paranoid about what other people (specifically other guyz) think.

That’s the difference between animals & humani’s, animals alike as both genders share their love with their offspring & friendz so why can’t we?

Help us to make a change, that would help you in finding your happiness 😀

😀 “Hugs and smiles are free, but the smiles & laughter they put on the face of those you care about is priceless” 😀




  1. so you had to ruin this amazing post with a picture of two naked men hugging each other? ulla yilawi3 chabdik! 😛

    • lmfaooo theyre shirtless plus, the other guy is crying 😦 I just put that picture to show that it duznt matter what the situation is, a hug is always there to fix it 😀 and the guy DID feel better XD 😛 Plus I doubt you’d say i ruined it if they were 2 shirtless chicks 😉 lol


  2. that picture is just …. >.>

    • lmfaoooooo u too? XD


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