Posted by: lactosuria | May 30, 2010

To Us.. And To Us Only!!

This poem is only dedicated,

To those of you who graduated,

Joey, Kandace, Kamila & Karamel,

I’d still love this if it takes me to hell,

Coz the best day this has really been,

I know we may have commited a sin,

From having some kisses in a ghetto,

To dancing & stripping and going loco,

A dinner in a restaurant with at least a star,

By squeezing & heading there in my mums car,

Our graduation hats went in the air,

And one got stuck on the chandelier,

Who would have thought that we would be,

Walking & gliding on the catwalk like Royalty,

Chatting and texting when no ones looking,

While one of us was looking forward to hooking,

With a friends brother who was totally “hot”,

I think you’d better stay away coz he’s definitely not ,

The type of guy you think he is,

He’d never give you a room at Ritz,

Moving onto our midnight walk,

We had some fun and we had some talk,

While two of you who were talkin bout hot guyz,

A couple of us were gazing with looks of surprise,

As soon as you lifted your heads up,

You laughed & we watched some girls and a cup,

Who would have thought that a Ke$ha song,

Would lead to orgasming and sex gone horribly wrong,

I liked sticking myself out of the cars window,

But I got pulled in and received a blow,

I really love you guyz coz I know you care,

You love me back (I hope so) and never dare,

To forget this wonderful night of your life,

Even if it was after having that dirty thing with your wife,

From being boyz a moment back then,

To dressing up like business men,

So this night has to be without a doubt,

The highlight of what life’s about.

I’m gonna miss you guyz & our meaningless talks XD

Promise me we’ll always be together, till death do us part 😛 XD

No matter how old we are & no matter where were gonna be, your numbers & messages will always be with me 😀

I have a graduated younger brother, A cousin who graduated with me too, A lezbian queer who decided to tag along and a bitch who we all love and can’t ignore 😀

Oh Geez, i’m crying now.. XD how corny is that? lol. Love ya 4ever and ever!!




  1. the best poem ever! ;-*

    i swear it moved something in me!! I’m gonna print it!!

    Love you all!!! 😀

  2. Thnx alot 😀 means alot to me, at last I moved something in you 😛 XD you gonna laminate it? 😛 lol


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