Posted by: lactosuria | May 26, 2010

I Don’t Want You To Grow Up :'(

Oh little brother whom i really love,

I guess it’s time to free the dove,

For a decent adult you have become,

But if you need love I’ll give you some,

But why did you have to grow-up so fast,

I want the pinching & spoiling to last,

For you’re the best brother to whom I can relate,

Not like the one I have and hate,

Who would have thought that I would be,

The one to miss a huge grown baby,

I know that you want me to stop,

But I won’t do it even if you pop,

I’ll still hold you and smack your tits,

And dress you with a shirt that fits,

You still go on with that same hair,

And still give us that nasty glare,

But we still love you even that Karamel,

I don’t want to see a wedding bell,

My little brother plz don’t go away,

At least give me a hug without delay,

I know you think I’m a stinky bean,

But for Gods Sake you’re still sixteen,

It is for real you have a huge build,

I know it’s true but I’m just too thrilled,

To have a brother as amazing as you,

Who can be as smart as Nancy Drew,

For you are and you will always be,

The baby brother who still hugs me,

Why is it that they do not think,

That you could skate in an ice-rink,

I’ll take you there it would be lovely,

I know you’ll be happy.. ain’t that right Joey?

This poem is entirely dedicated to my Joey 😀

Don’t grow up too fast ok? 🙂 😛

Enjoy life and embrace your fleeing childhood 😀

I should be the big one hugging you >.< but o well, since you’re huger, I guess you get to take him 😛 😀 lol




  1. Awww that made tear .. ok i lied

    why the hell are u calling me baby brother? 😛 YOU’RE my baby brother!!

    • lol im not your baby brother XD im 6 months older 😛 😀 and big brothers like to spoil little brothers, like pinch em and stuff lol you dont like doin that do you? 😛

      • ok i LOOK like your big brother .. no one will ask for my passport!! 😛 ok i’ll pinch your cheeks and spoil you 😛 looool

      • lmfaoo ya thats not gonna happen XD Imma spoil you 😛 unless you spoil me which would totally catch me off guard lol


      • cootyhy poochy chooo

        tiyaaaaaaah!! 😛

        thats me spoiling you BTW 😛

    • lmfaooo ok that was funny & cute XD what would it look like face2face?? XD Thats gonna be a scene i’ll never forget 😛 😀


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