Posted by: lactosuria | May 19, 2010


Today, typical day of school, nothin new except for my Mathematics Exam.

But before going to the exam I got some stuff from the grocery store:


Choco Milk,

and 2x Mentos Gum.

I went to school and finished one pack of Mentos.. after the exam, Me, Kelly & Kandace decided to go to The Sultan Center that’s by our school.. We went and hanged out there, they bought some stuff while I kept popping a Mento gum after the other into my mouth.. As soon as we got out and were done, one of the Security Dudes comes & says, come to my Office.

He took us 3 into his office & said:

“Are you sure you didn’t forget to pay for anything”

Us 3 Simoltaneously:

Ya we paid for everything

Security Dude:

“He stole a Packet of Gum pointing at me..


Excuse me..? I have had this from the morning and you say I stole them?”


“Shut up.. check their bags..”

2 other officers checked what we had & our bags, he started cussing & insisting that I stole his damn Mentos Packet.
“You want me to show you the recording? Huh?”


“Sure show me,  don’t care, I’ve been chewing from school and even gave my friends some..”

They nodded & then Karamel called Kelly and they talked for like a few seconds.

He rewinded the tape & I saw myself reaching into my pocket, eating a Mento and sliding the packet inside again. I told him to rewind it some more till the beginning and he saw that from the minute I came into the Sultan Center, I was chewing and that I fortunately was popping a Mento in my mouth the moment I came in.

His reaction?

He was mad, his assisstant confirmed that I got this stuff from another grocery and the other 2 Security Guyz were friendly, they apologized and let us go while the fuckin whore just said: “Ok leave now”

Such an asshole with a nerve!!!




  1. :O You should take your parents to that guy and explain to them what happened..what an asshole

  2. oh i thought kelly was kidding! 😛 y3ni its true? gimme his number i’ll fuck him!

    the lifeless bastard! :@

  3. lmfaoo thnx for the support guyz 😀 but I think ill pass 😛


  4. hi wats your myspace page

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