Posted by: lactosuria | May 18, 2010

Gay Prodigy.. In Kuwait.. Lol!!!

The gayest prodigy is making his way to our cities, visiting & performing!!!

Girlz LOVE him, they ADORE him.

SOME guyz love him, I think that gayz definitely do lol.

But macho men DESPISE the little twit!! Now hes acting as if he’s wanted by everyone & made some sort of “poll” in which people demand to which country he comes!!

Here’s the gay brat:
Justin Bieber 😛 lol

Look at this:

Lol, look at New York’s numbers: 6,466 People lol.

Now let’s have a look at Kuwait:

Lmfao, Kuwait’s Number is: (DRUM ROLL)                41 LMFAOOOO
I vote for him too so that’s 42. I feel sry for that brat lmfao.

Ppl of the world, he FAILS!!!

Kuwaiti’s are apparently “Macho & Too Manly” for Justin Bieber.

Look at how desperate he IS:
 He’s adding Facebook links, MySpace, Widgets to Blogs & Even E-Mail lol.

Tbh I think they didn’t demand coz they don’t even know that exists lmfaooo.


Here’s the link if you want to “Vote”?




  1. LOL

  2. i voted

    Gender- Male
    Year- 1907

    He’ll get excited for a while .. an old man hitting on him from Kuwait 😛 hahahaha

    • lmfaoooo not even Kuwaiti girz are voting for him XD. What if he traces the e-mail and finds you. It will be love at first sight 😛 lmfao


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