Posted by: lactosuria | May 18, 2010

Admittance… Confession…

Ok I’m really sorry for lying to you bout this multiple times today Karamel, but truth is.. I do smoke…

I smoked 3 times in my whole life…

1 when I was 7 years old.. Nealry died from coughing.

Twice today.. But that’s all the times I’ve ever smoked. And im not gonna smoke ever again..

Never again am I gonna smoke.. I know it’s a bad habit but you can’t get addicted to Nicotine if you have no stress or tension.. coz that’s what it was made for in the 1st place..

So.. Never smoke again and here’s the real truth 🙂




  1. tisk tisk ..

    next time you wanna smoke join me nigga .. i dont smoke dat shit .. i got my own ‘stuff’ that lets you fly! and tell dat bitch karamel to entertain us while we somke da fuk, we gonna have some fun!


    don’t smoke! drink coffee! 😉

    • looooooool I bet we are, she can do lotsa entertainment dat Karamel. Believe me I’ve been thru the experience 😛 XD.
      No to Coffee, tastes like sewage & pits 😛 😀


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