Posted by: lactosuria | May 17, 2010

The Fateful Encounter!!! Strictly 18+

Once upon a time.. 

There lived a young sexy & strong guy, he was really handsome and neither sex could deny his beauty. Men and women alike couldn’t help but fall for his beauty.. But he was looking for his princess, his special soul mate.

The guyz name was Matt, but everyone called him Mattie. Mattie was 16 and he had short brown hair & really really brown eyes. He was really mature for his age and he had an extraordinary eye for beauty.

It was said that in the future years to come, a baby will be born, a baby that’s gonna look exactly like Mattie, a baby that’s gonna be famous and he’s gonna be called Justin Bieber

So one day Mattie took a stroll in the woods, he was happy roaming around the woods, singing and having fun. His voice was really amazing and super. Mattie continued walking till he reached a lake that he’s never seen before. He stared at it mesmerized… and completely ataken by its beauty.

He then heard a voice that’s far away.. He started wandering and looking for that voice, as he got closer he realized that the voice was actually singing.

That’s her, that’s my maiden!

He said bursting with happiness. Her voice was that of an Angel.

Mattie started running, searching left & right till he saw the Maiden Princess, standing in the middle of the forest & singing to the birds. She had her back to him. He approached her slowly and sang with her, she got surprised and snapped at his crotch with her whip.

Now Mattie was really fast, so he grabbed the whip & pulled as hard as he can.

She flew up in the air towards Mattie screaming as she fell.

” I’ve got you babe” 

The maiden fell in Matt’s hands, she pushed him off & stood.. an inch away from his face. She gazed in his eyes, and unwillingly fell for the charming young man.

 “Damn babe, you’re fine”

“My my.. I’ve always been a sucker for brown eyes”

“What’s your name babe?”

“What’s it to you?!!” she snapped    

“Grrrr.. I like em feisty 😉   

He reaches for her lips.. He was this close (-) to kiss her. She quickly dodged his lips and grabbed his groin, knife in hand    

“Whoa babe.. You don’t wanna do that”    

“You don’t know what I’m capable of”    

“Look at me.. Look at me in the eyes & tell me you want me to leave and I’ll go”

The maiden gazed into his eyes, Mattie saw her eyes twitch and he made his move.. He grabbed her Boobs & lifted with all his might. Launching the maiden into the air, catching her before she hit the ground. She was shocked.. So she lunged and bit Mattie’s left nipple. 

“Oh ya babe, now you’re talkin”

“You bastard.. You fucking low scum.. You handsome prick.. Just fuck me”

“Whoa who babe?”

“Who other than you Mattie? I know all about you”    

Well then, shall we?”    

The Maiden Karamel.. Started stripping Mattie from his clothes and started playing with his chest, Mattie was so happy that he started moaning in a low voice.    

 Karamel took his pants down now, leaving him in boxers.    

Oh ya.. Right down there honey”   

Mmhhmmmm Mattie     

She got up & started kissing him, she then gestured to him to strip her.    

Mattie took off her dress, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts gradually sloped & rested on her chest.    

Mattie started drooling, and he got really horny & aroused, Karamel saw the tent he built in his boxers, she grinned & her smile glistened under the sun light.    

She got down & started at his crotch.. Massaging it, Mattie closed his eyes and started drifting off .

“Don’t open your eyes until I make you cum ok?”

“Uh-huh babe sure”

What Mattie didn’t know was that Karamel was actually a guy called Nate.    

Who was undercover and was really a bi-sexual, he has been spying on Mattie ever since he hit 13 years old. 

Nate also had a friend.. Honey-Bee who was like a follower.

Honey-Bee was a little bird who followed Nate everywhere. Honey-Bee started flying around and settled on Mattie’s head.. He started opening his eyes.

No don’t open them.. That’s just my bird”    

Mattie closed his eyes, and Nate took his boxers off, Mattie got so excited that pre-cum strolled down his cock in streams.

Oh ya.. Suck it babe”

Nate swiftly got his knife out and cut out Mattie’s cock and stabbed his balls.. While Honey-Bee pecked his eyes out and they both left him to die in the lake.. Which only appears once every 15,000 years.

Story Morale:

“Never trust a sexy stranger called Karamel”    




  1. LOL!!! 😛 😛

    BTW we’re in the middle of the exams .. go study!! 😛

    • lmfao sure, I’m “studying” right now lol. How was ur exam? Doin good so far?


  2. hot.

    • lmfao, I may make more 😉 lol.
      Themes, ideas & suggestion are welcome 😛 😀


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