Posted by: lactosuria | May 14, 2010

I Know It’s Me…

Plz stop what you’re doing and read this plz!!!

You know it’s me who caused the fight,

and I know that I’m not really bright,

But about friendship I know plenty,

So plz forgive him and his goatee,

I know at times that he can be a jerk,

But there is something about his smirk,

That makes him special and unique,

Just like you, karamel you’re sweet,

I love you both, you’re dear to my heart,

and I just can’t see you grow apart,

For best friends you two have always been,

and I’d love to see both of you grin,

But friends like you are hard to find,

That’s why I’m trying to make you bind,

You two are really stubborn too,

For apologies never come from you,

But this time Joey, you gave one,

So plz accept it my honey-bun,

I know its hard to just forgive,

But if you don’t do it, then I won’t live,

I really want this feud to stop,

And want you both to just make-up,

I know it’s stupid what you’re fighting bout,

I won’t even care if you make-out,

What I really want from you Karamel,

Is to forgive Joey before were in hell!

I love you both 🙂

Plz accept his apology Karamel 😀




  1. I love your poems 😀

    • why thank you!! I can make you one, any time you want 😀


  2. that’s nice man! 😉

    and dont worry she already did .. love you both! ;-*

    • thanks a millionz Joey! Hopefully there’s more to come 😀


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