Posted by: lactosuria | May 12, 2010

Excuse me.. New Hairstyle??

Today the most awesome weird thing happened..

Yday I showered & talked to Karamel via MSN.. We had fun till we both signed out.

I dunno what kind of shampoo I used.. All i know is that it smelled that of Raspberry (mmmm.. tasty XD).

Today I got all sorts of comments.. Kandace said that there was something different bout my hair, that it looked kinda cool. Kelly said that too.

It kinda looked like that..

Don’t attack me now.. I did say KINDA!!! Lol!

After finishing the exam I had today, I saw Joe by the playground. We talked for a while and then he noticed my hair too. One of the teachers (Mr. Palin) commented that I looked crazy lol.

Julie a friend of mine (whom I went to prom with), thought that I had gotten myself a haircut XD.

I guess I’m gonna shower with that shampoo everyday 😀




  1. Isn’t that a little too exaggerant?

  2. the fuck? just take a picture and post it .. you looked like a retard! 😛

  3. I did say KINDA, plus i cant upload photos. Mikayla is hogging them XD. I didnt find one like my hairstyle! Stop attacking ppl!! lol


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