Posted by: lactosuria | May 5, 2010

To My “Cute Brother”!!!

I know you deserve one too 🙂

So here goes nothin:

We might not be as close as fuck,

But thank god for the best of luck,

For I know that you can be the best,

Just by the way you slam my chest, (Which sometimes hurt XD)

I know that you’re way too mature to be,

As goofy as Kandace, Karamel & me,

But nevertheless we’re there for you,

My baby brother whose from the zoo,

For you’re cute and chubby and full of glee,

when you’re picked on or when you’re splinter-free ,

So this goes to you.. For I want to show,

How much I love my kid brother Joe 😀

I hope you like it, I know you will :D.

I wonder who is gonna have the next poem…

Poem Created, Illustrated & Published by:



J*A*K*E Industries 😛

And yes I wrote it myself, no help whatsoever 😀




  1. Mine was betturrrr *sticks toung out*

    • lol, theyre both good XD


  2. awwwwww thnx bro!! ;-*

    • youre welcome Joey 😀 anytime


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