Posted by: lactosuria | May 5, 2010

Oooh.. Fail Teenager!!

Kandace is as we all know a teenager.. 16 years old. Here is how he’s become to talk to the Headteacher, Teacher and the Parents of a student.

Wednesday morning.. “Energetic” and ready to fill my mind with knowledge (as if I’m gonna feel like this someday).

I was in the basement with my friends Joey, Karamel, Kandace, Kelly (ya he came lol) and Kamila (who came late). We were all working as usual in the basement helping all the little kidz from Reception. We painted, coloured, and drew some butterflies.

My friend Joey was helping this little girl Nora paint her cow, and Kandace was making fun of Nora.. who is btw 5 years old. He was calling her fat & alotta other stuff. Including a cow and fat bitch..

Nora got irritated and accidentally said “Well you look like my maid, you’re black” which wasn’t entirely true as Kandace was Brown, not black. Anyways after Kandace heard that, he EXPLODED and went on cursing and cussing poor Nora. He then took her to her Teacher’s Assisstant and started telling Nora off, he described Nora’s behaviour as “Rude & Disgraceful”. As if that was’nt enough he went to the Headteacher.

Kandace: “Miss I want to talk to a girl’s parents

Headteacher: “Ooh.. that sounds serious

Kandace: “The girl is rude and said some bad things to me

Headteacher: “Ooh.. that sounds bad

After that, as if it wasn’t enough he went and gave Nora the Gaze and Middle Finger. He then came over to us and started complaining to us bout her behaviour.. Karamel was on Kandace’s side, I was with Joey against them and the rest were just watching.

Poor Nora was crying her eyes out, she was a bit chubby and cute and with the tears pouring from her eyes even after being told off 25 minutes earlier, it just ripped my heart.

To what I wanna say to Kandace..

Shame on YOU!!!

For Joey’s side of the story:

Joey ( To the story, directly):

For Karamel’s side of the story:

Kandace (To the story, directly):

( I kinda wanted to make tags but I still don’t know how to do that XD, Joey or Karamel might teach me later, ain’t that right guyz? :D)




  1. LOL it was a great day 😛

    tags as in links? ill teach u tomorrow 🙂

    • lol cool, i gotta know how to do that someday


  2. Nice interpretation…mine is better though 🙂

    • Ya.. you can keep on dreaming lol 😛


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