Posted by: lactosuria | May 4, 2010

Kelly Klarkson… Dead?

Ok so I have this friend… Who yes is a guy but called Kelly Klarkson (nicknamed).

He never comes to school and whenever I call him or tell him anything, he answer “Ï dunno”

You know what really irritates me? It’s that the exams are 1 week away EXACTLY and he has been abscent for more than I could count. The head teacher “Linda” (Yes it is her real name) has precisely told us that if we were abscent from school for more than 15 dayz our examination records would be cancelled. So is it worth not coming to school and sit like a lazy fat old git rather than coming to school and insure yourself a future thats gonna help you for when you need it later in life?

I hope you read this post Kelly, coz you are one major whore that we (by we i mean ur frends) care about and care bout ur future. But you seem to not care about yourself. Read and think straight!!!


This post has been inspired and been helped into being created by:

Kandace 😀




  1. LOL!!!

  2. yeah you fat lazy bastard, come to school!! 😛

  3. lol he came XD


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