Posted by: lactosuria | April 28, 2010

For You… What I Would Do!!

Here’s a little something for everything you have done for me:

I would have never tried to run that far,

Not even for a bounty chocolate bar,

But for you Karamel … my very dear friend,

I would have run … till the very end,

I would break my arms and twist my leg,

Just to see you smile but never beg,

To you a very true friend … I shall be,

For you have lifted my sorrows … and mystery,

To you Karamel I shall humbly give,

My faith and shoulder … till I no longer live 🙂

Thnx For Everything 😀

Poem Illustrated, Published, Created and Written By:

Jake Justin Jackson.

Copyright under the name of:

J*A*K*E Industries 😛




  1. Literally…In…Tearssss….no one has ever written me a poem 😀 thankyouuuu!!!

    PS: I hope you didn’t copy that from somewhere else because it’s really good 😛

  2. why is it that everything good I write, i dont get credit for? Or get told that i got it from somewhere else lol.
    Remember the poem i wrote in yr.7?
    “Death is when you see black…”
    i wrote that, plus it is copyrighted by the J*A*K*E Industries :P. Sry for the whole story lol
    glad u liked it. i shood prolly stop writing now… ok


    • It was a really really good poem though 🙂 I loved it

      • glad u liked it 😀


  3. awww that’s so cute .. min gadha karamel gamaw yaktiboonlaha poems!! 😛 hahaha

    • lol stop teasing XD


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