Posted by: lactosuria | April 28, 2010

Best Friends!!!

Ok so, what are best friends? what are they here for? I surround myself with friends whom I can trust.. Imma describe my friends for you… but what if you have a friend that u look at differently? A friend whom you really like but cant talk about? a friend that maybe doesnt feel the same way.

Well im still stumped but I bet you guyz can help me out! I hope so 😀


A real friend, there for me for the worse or better. As most friends, we have had our fights (and are in one right now lol) but we overcame them. He has fair hair, the black silky kind, twinkly eyes, fair white skin and a remarkable personality.Theres something about his laugh that makes you laugh along. Really funny and daring. Cracks jokes and is a giggler. I have never had someone that I can be open with like Karamel. I bet that I would never trade him for anyone else.


We have had a couple of fights, but ya were friends although we have our differences, I know that i can count on him most of the time although he has a craving for gossip 24/7. He has curly short black hair, a flashy personality and is most fun to hang with. Hes a real joke cracker.


Oh ya, Kamila. What can I say? Gorgeous lol :D. We have never had a fight… I think. We have had our moments, we hang out at the movies most of the time and the mall. We go out with Karamel, Kandace & sometimes Kelly, but rarely with Joey. Karamel is one spark that cannot be put out, he really is something needed for outings. A real cracker, knows how to break the ice. With the wavy black hair, and the smooth body curves, he’s gotta be awesome.


Joey… yup he is unique, and way too mature tbh. But can be fun at times, hes the bulkiest and tallest of us all but ya he can be broken down (especially by the dominant Karamel). He’s really a mystery to be solved which makes his comapny the more fun & exciting. He has smooth hair, a really unique look that can drive you to the pits, and a stunningly cute smile 🙂 (smile if you read this Joey, I know you will). He can be a jerk at times but a real dependable friend. We have had our fights, one of them too lethal but in the end everything worked out eventually.

So now you know, but who of them do I like the most? I need some VOTES!!!

FTR Nicknames have been given to all my friends (Nicknames chosen by the individuals) and yup theyre all guyz and no I’m not gay :):D

Just saying 😛




  1. I couldn’t vote for myself so I guess the second choice was Joey 🙂

  2. And I LOVED my paragraph for the record :D:D:D

  3. hi thank u very much for the description it was very nice.
    Let’s rephrase, dragqueen style.
    Hii bitch ty!!! that made my pussy go boom boom pow it was very touching hehe. and about the vote i voted for myself because i thought u said who the best friend was so i voted for myself coz i’m a greedy whore then i read the question again and it said WHO DO I LIKE THE MOST. sooo i can’t change my vote but if i can i vote for karamel instead because u obviously want to shove it up her ass. ok bye thank u xoxo

  4. But you can vote for yourself… anyways thnx for the vote, i guess this one’s for Joey 😀 Btw how can I change my display pic? It’s been buggin me 4ever lol


  5. lmao Kamila, ok ill vote for Karamel, it will count as your vote XD. You read my blog? cool! lol.
    Hope you get a load of the posts imma post later.


  6. So thats 1 vote each for Karamel, Kamila & Joey. This is gonna be good.


  7. my vote goes to Karamel! 😛

  8. oh and i did smile 😛 hehe thnx bitch! 😀

  9. youre welcome it was nothing 😛


  10. دش اب طيزي يا قحاب اشرها على ولد خالي عطاكم وجه يالشواذ

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