Posted by: lactosuria | April 23, 2010

Earth Day

Mother Nature & Father Earth lol, have you ever thought about them?

For just one day, each and every one of us can make a difference, to stop global warming and to protect the Nature & Earth. You could help alot by doing so little.

How bout:

Saving electricity?

Saving water?

Eating home-made food & not fast food?

Going to work or school on a bicycle rather than a car?

Have you ever thought of recycling?

How about wearing a Green Shirt on Earth Day?

We can show our support by doing alot of stuff that dont even require working except for the bicycle riding ofcourse lol.

If we stand together, then from 3 people wearing green, its gonna be 7 then 24 then 89 then 7867324234. Even 1 individual helps.

Together we can do the impossible, we can help!!!

Please reconsider your ways of living 🙂



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