Posted by: lactosuria | April 23, 2010


This has to be the scariest movie I have EVER seen, even scarier than Pandorum. I could have sworn that my heart skipped a beat, I even felt it thumping against my chest as if its about to rip out and run away.

It was a really cool movie, about Vampires and their struggle with finding blood since there are 5% of the human species left. They were working on a blood substitute.

Starring the awesome movie is:

Ethan Hawke (Vampire)


Willem Dafoe (Humani)

AKA The Goblin From Spider-Man


Claudia Karavan (Humani)

I think that shes Jane from X-Men


I hope you enjoy this blood sucking movie 😀

Caution… Caution:

This movie contains scenes of EXTREME violence & gore. People with heart problems, or who get nightmares easily, this movie is not for you.

Have Fun,




  1. It sucked so badly I started playing games on my phone ^^

  2. maybe ur just not into horror/action/thriller movies. the movie was was greatly shocking and blood pumping lol, too bad u didnt like it


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