Posted by: lactosuria | March 31, 2010

Pretty Plz, Accept IT!!!

I’ve been somewhat of a Jerk and I have thought about it & that certainly does not do you any Justice.

So I Made This For You Joe!!!


This is a 100% Honest & Sincere Apology! Coming from my heart.




  1. oooh 😦

    to be honest i was gonna write up an apology email myself, and send it to u the Saturday before term starts .. but oh well .. the earlier the better!

    im sorry for the things i said :$ and sorry i broke the promise .. i should have apologised from the start but u know how big headed i can be at times 😛

    PS. this is not an april fools joke (i also checked the date of ur post to see if it isnt :P)

    thanks for the effort .. nice collage .. and i hate twix 😛 thanks!! *cyber hug*

    • lol gald its all worked out, btw I wrote at the bottom of the pic that I know u like TimeOut lol, thought u were gonna see it. Btw wasnt it hard reading with all the colours? lol
      *Cyber Hug*


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