Posted by: lactosuria | March 23, 2010

Fast Metabolism… Healthy Diet…

Not many of you might know this but theres this kinda gift/curse called Fast Metabolism.

Metabolism is the speed in which your digestive system digests food, and I have that fast metabolism. No matter how much I eat I just can’t seem to get fatter…

Since I’ve been trying to get fat & develop a belly to play with hazn’t pretty much worked for me, now I just seem to be in the mood for a Tuna Salad… For lunch AND dinner… for the past two weeks.

Apparently I’m losing some more weight…

Darn the Tuna Salad XD.

If anyone’s trying to lose weight then why not have some Tuna Salad?

What?!?!? You don’t know the ingredients? Well thats eazy.

Tuna (1 can),

Fresh Tomatos,

Fresh Cucumbers,

Some salt,

Some black pepper,

Olive Oil,

Fresh Lemon.

VOILA!!! You have your Tuna Salad!

Best Of All, Have A Tuna Combo Meal!!! It’s AWESOME!!!

You can choose any fruit juice you desire, I personally prefer Orange Juice 🙂

I hope you like it 😀

ENJOY!!! Bon Appetite!!!




  1. I’ll try making one for dinner

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