Posted by: lactosuria | March 12, 2010

Takeshi’s Castle!!!

I feel really bad about this… anyways here’s the deal on Takeshi’s Castle:

Takeshi’s Castle is a show based on Physical Fitness mainly. You have to by pass all the challenges from running away from HUUUGGEE Henchmen to rolling down a hill faster than a boulder thats falling after you. It was mainly produced by the Japanese. I used to check that TV Show daily & even on YouTube, I would laugh at how the challengers fail their challenges & how they fall down the river or get hit in the chin.

Needless to say, I’m joining Takeshi’s Castle here (not in Japan XD), the second phase will be from the 18th of March till the 20th. Im gonna get so trampled on that I think im gonna bleed to death XD. If I’m lucky, i’ll get my cozin to take some pictures and a video, then i’ll place them here for you. I guess that the japanese are gonna have their laugh at us now XD.

Curse the saying that says: “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

Submitions have to be for 15 years or older.

Here are some of the photos my cozin shot (btw photography was illegal, well not illegal, just banned, so these are exclusives lol)  :

Here are some of the adults who were taking part, hilarious lol:

My cozin got caught & was thrown off the arena lol, but at least we had fun lol. you guyz should REALLY try this lol.

Btw, sadly I couldnt make it to the final challenge I kinda lost on the 3rd challenge lol, which was the Bowling Ball. I got put right behind the 1st Guy Pin lol.




  1. Are you serious?!?!?

    • lol ya it is real! Thursday is the day, and im all up for it XD. This is gonna be hilarious 😛


  2. Oh my gosh, I gotta see that XD

  3. lol, why dont u try doing it if it ever appears to be in ur hometown! ur gonna have a blast & a muddy body from head to toe XD. Now all i gotta do is upload the stuff… hows the drawing & story developing?


    • No way! I have a reputation to maintain XD
      Drawing’s coming along okay, thanks :mrgreen: Most of my stuff is on my dA, though; only my crappy fanfic stuff goes on the blog.

      So have you done it then? When do I get to see? I don’t have Challenge XD

  4. lol you will see! as soon as i get them off of my mobile & onto the blog lol. this is gonna drive u crazy XD


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