Posted by: lactosuria | March 6, 2010

#1 Hit Free Online Game… DRAGONICA!!!

Ok so I discovered this AWESOME game that’s gonna blow your mind! The grand opening of the game was on the 16th of October 2009 so it’s brand new. Best part is, there are female characters of every Class, so girls get to have as much fun as the guyz ūüôā

The game consists of 4 Classes that then you can choose Jobs for, here they are:

Class                                                         Job                                    

Warrior                                                  Gladiator     / Knight                         

 Magician                                                Battlemage / Acolyte                       

Archer                                                    Hunter         /  Ranger                      

Thief                                                       Jester           /  Assassin                      

Those are the classes & their jobs, but there are more jobs after you take the first one, so you get to evolve every now & then. You get to make 4 Character in each server & right now there are¬†3 servers “Elga, Kaye & PVP”, each server has about 10 Channels to play in, so if one channel is crowded and you’re lagging then just change to¬†a less crowded channel!

Let me explain the difference between jobs for you, just a brief explanation:

The Gladiator is a DPS (Damage Per Second) character, he’s known for his strong ATK techniques that require brutal strength & has a very High Stamina to help with that, but his attacks are slow yet destructive. The Gladiator can be a great party leader & is considered one of the best characters in the game, VERY useful for runs.

The Knight is considered a TANK, his high defensive abilities make him a great party leader, depending on equipment the Knight is considered one of the best characters in the game with his swift attacks, he rapidly punishes the enemies with weak but effective & fast attacks.


I own a LVL 24 Warrior who I recently turned to a Gladiator, if anyone needs any help or has any questions bout the game, just ask me & i’ll help you out as best as I can ūüôā

My main player “Da Man” & who is recently a Level 30 Gladiator. (Aweosme, huh?)

The Female ARCHER is my one & only Akanei. (Hot ain’t she?)

I really think you should join the game, it’s a BLAST!!!


Ok everyone who is playing Dragonica beware of the following Scammers/Spammers & Hackers:

IronFists.        (HACKER)

EcchiRice.       (HACKER)

Fireclaws.       (SCAMMER/SPAMMER)

FireFalcon.     (SCAMMER/SPAMMER)



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