Posted by: lactosuria | February 23, 2010

Rabbits!!! Lovely Fluffy Animals From Space?

I have 2 adorable pets. Chloe & Kanaka Nana Sai (lol I know the 2nd name is kinda weird & corny but its nice). Anyways, Chloe is grey all over while Kanaka Nana Sai has some black over the right part of her face. Yesterday I fed Chloe some lettuce & a baby carrot then took her to my room & started grooming her, I closed my eyes & nearly drifted to sleep, but Chloe chose to wet herself along with half of my arm.

At 1st Chloe used to just sit while Kanaka Nana Sai was the hyper one, but right after I gave some lettuce & carrots to eat, they both entered hyper mode that made them act all different.

Btw if you have a pet rabbit & it doesn’t drink water then just wet the lettuce with water & give it to him, he’ll be eating & drinking at the same time 🙂

K Peace OUT!




  1. what if i hate animals?

    reasons? well mm they wet themselves!! 😮

  2. lol ok, so they wet themselves but dont you wet yourself every now & then? if not now, then when you were a baby. Pets are just like babies but without diapers XD. Plz reconsider the hating 😛


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