Posted by: lactosuria | February 23, 2010

Huge “Physic”al Mess!!!

Sunday 8th February, normal school day except for the last 2 lessons. It was so chaotic that it looked like a war-zone took place over there. “The I don’t care about school & grades” group took Physics to a whle new level, 25 & more test-tubes have been shattered to tiny crystal fragments. The tubes would go up, shatter then we all have a crytalized meteor shower. Measuring cylinders had wings, luckily it flew just above the teachers head!!

 I like wearing Goggles for experiments, but not the kind that has bits of it snapped off or ones that have really sharp edges that can cut through your neck. You guyz all know the Emergency Shower is in case for emergencies only right? If you get strong acid on your body, you use the E.S .So is a crystalized meteor shower considered an emergency? For that group YES! They pulled the lever & dwn poured the dirty contaminated water that looks like pee or urine.

You guyz are prolly wondering where the teacher wasduring this time huh? Well he was in the room, watching the whole thing & wasn’t the bit surprised. Afterall they’re all Kuwaiti Students, what can we do?




  1. ish8u9dik y3ni?

    no one told you to fail and stay with “The I don’t care about school & grades” group right?

    nothing like that happens in the AS classes (A) 😛

    • Well I really can’t say I didn’t try, the exams were just too hard… Lol


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