Posted by: lactosuria | February 3, 2010

The 4th Kind!?

Step1: You See Them!

Step2: You See The Signs!!

Step3: You… Contact & Interact!!!

Step4: You get… ABDUCTED!!!!

The movie 4th Kind is a TRUE-based story, some of the ACTUAL & Original filmed footage is shown. It also shows (in the original footage) that when the Aliens appear the Camera crashes but you can just make out the Alien Activity. But what evidence do we have that proves that Aliens exist?


People who roamed the Earth 4000 Years Ago. What about their language? Apparently its being spoken by the Aliens, but whats really shockng is what the Sumerians actually drew on their walls. They drew the Apollo 13 & a guy in a space suit, how could they have rawn them when they were so primitive & had limited thinking?

I’m seriously confused & dazzled. You guyz should definately watch it 🙂

Unique movie with a whole different perspective & point of view. Interesting 😀




  1. k heres my comment .. love the theme 🙂

  2. gracias, but I changed it, it doesnt show the blog roll, lol


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