Posted by: lactosuria | February 3, 2010


HUMUNGOUS fight at skool today (GES) i dunno what caused  the fight, but lets say it went something like this:

Boy1: “Break is over get out of the library”                                                                                                                                                             

Boy2: “No”

Boy1: “Get out the break is over”

Boy2: “You get out or I’ll go & kiss your girlfriend”

(This part coming is real)

then it started by Boy1, he kicked Boy2’s ass (lol) he was holding Boy2 & started punching him so hard just above his neck from the back, right where the pituatry gland is (I dunno where that came from). Boy2 was just protecting his face & the librarian was screaming like: “Stop now, both of you” and all the rest of that shit.

So me & my friend finally get them apart, but both refused to leave, then they started calling each other “cowards” & all that. By that time the Librarian was crying… (Lame, I know) so Boy1 came over & grabbed my shoulder & kicked Boy2 (whom me & my friend were holding)

Good News: He did manage to kick Boy2 in th stomach.

Bad News   : While he kicked him he accidently kicked my shoulder 1st & I now think that I have a dis-located shoulder 🙂

Btw if you have seen this post somewhere else then that story is bullshit, mine is the original, I called “DIPS” on this story but my friend twittered… (Glare) lol.

Keep Tuned,



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