Posted by: lactosuria | January 29, 2010

Did You Hear About The Morgans?!?

Did You Hear About The Morgans? I certainly have! and now that I do YOW!!!

Ok so the movie is HILARIOUS in various scenes, hint of romance & somewhat sarcastic. Paul Morgan (Hugh Grant) cracks a series throughout the movie & Merel Morgan (Sarah Jessica Parker) acts somewhat crazy, I’m not gonna spill out anymore stuff to you guyz, you gotta go watch it yourselves, you wont regret it!

Overall its quite a hilarious & enjoyable movie , suitable for teenagers & adults, tho children bout the age of say 12 & under may not get the idea of the movie. I strongly recommend it to those who are reading this, its so good that I’d definately go to it over & over again ( maybe 2 more times tops lol).

If you’re going then have fun & enjoy the movie (I know you will).




  1. great thnx lemme no if u want me to post somethin up k?

  2. Lol it was funny especially when Merel made fun of his accent

  3. Nice blog! I wrote a review of this on my site,

    Stop by and check it out!

    • ill go check it ou, thnx for passing by 😀

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