Posted by: lactosuria | January 27, 2010

Hot Cartoon Chicks???

I dunno whats the story between some guyz & Anime porn. I got a friend that likes cartoon porn n this is what I figured out from him:

Why the fuck do you watch Anime porn?

they’re fun & give over the top satisfaction 🙂

Explain the satisfaction.

Huge breasts & really great looking vaginas

Whats not so nice with real life sex?

Not so huge boobs & the pleasure is over real fast.

so now that I add it up he duznt have a girlfriend & he sometimes spends his time alone, freakishly alone. Im starting to think that hes weird. Or I think that im starting to find out why he likes this Anime thing…

Theyre kinda hot (lolz) kidding. if ya got friendz who HAD this problem, plz say so.



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