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Rihanna Gives Birth To Baphomet’s HEAD!!!

You guyz know that I didn’t actually & literally mean she gave birth.. Hope so!! Fingers crossed 😛

Ok many of you have heard this before.. I never actually believed it coz I had this Rihanna – Umbrella video that was like.. “Played With”

So I go download the official video and yes from RihannaVEVO and watched the video.. It was so freakin amazing yet freaky at the same time!! It’s like having a chocolate cake for breakfast when your mum is a healthy eating maniac!!!

Look at this.. I love the part of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” where she dodges the water & sprays some with hand gestures, anyways.. If you’re a fan of the “Water Dodging” part then you mighta noticed..

So watch the video to the point where Rihanna glides her hands to the left then the right, then dips her hed down & brings her hands in an upwards arc..

This is what you’ll see:

Ok now look at the pointers here:

Now if you trace the “STAR” she shot from the arc.. This is what you’ll get:

Ok I know the face was irrelevant.. but just take a look at the outline and ignore the lousy face that I drew XD

Now don’t tell me.. “Her hands made that” or “The water moved that way” or “The water was moving with the FLOW”

At that case I would like to say:

“Fuck you!! The video was shot in a closed studio!! Nothing coulda done that!! Whatever appears in the video was MEANT to be in the video!!”

You’ll also notice that the “Baphomet” head emerges from her womb.. talk about nasty birthing!!

That doesn’t necessarily mean Rihanna’s bad.. Maybe she doesn’t know the director did this.. maybe she did.. Nevertheless.. Illuminati‘s rule.. yet again 🙂

*Scary music plays when you read the word “Illuminati”*

Now have fun’s y’all and never mind the “Fuck you.. blah blah” speech 😛 I guess i’m worked up a bit XD Check the video out for yourself and you’ll see.. tell me what YOU think!!!

Forgive Me (A) *Puppy dog eyes with bottom lip puckered* 😛 n yes I am “Superstitious” if ya got a problem with that.. leave a comment XD 😛


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Test Result For.. Chocolate? :S

I busted my ass memorizing everything I could bout “The Eye” till my eye heart (hurt) like crap!! But I said “Oh no.. it’s worth it.. The Eye comes every year in the Biology Exam”

and it DIDNT!! I didnt mind.. the test went Okizai!! 🙂 I was happy and then came the question..:

“Come up with a simple safe test for Starch & Reducing Sugar..”

I repeated the question in my head.. & repeated & repeated and I came up with.. “Chocolate” >.<

I congratulated myself and was yeah thats the answer.. the fuck am I thinking.. CONCENTRATE!! Surely the invigilator with a wig (It looks like a wig & I’m 1000% sure its a wig XD) gazing at me didnt help at all >.<

Eventually I kept on thinking bout the answer to that awful question and then my brain said:

“Who cares!! You solved everything else, let this one go”

I was like “No.. seriously just look for the answer”

Brain: “As if you’re gonna want to know or even will need to know those tests.. tell me who ever has used those tests in their life”

I was like: “No one but theyre asking me to know now.. so you got anything?”

and the arguement went on and the I think the Invigilators got scared coz I was talking to myself.. and 15 min left for the exam..

My brain won and I ended up singing and humming to myself till I got out and thank god with my sanity 😀


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When All Is Lost..

What do you do when you lose everything? What happens when you take one wrong step & action that makes your life miserable? What would you think when your dad was right & that all he said would happen does happen?

I’ll tell you what happens.. you stay at home throughout the whole afternoon & evening. You lose your appetite and you start listening to sad songs till you’re depressed enough to think about suicide & death..

It all happened one Saturday.. Saturday 4th of September 2010 to be precise.. It’s 8:15 and I just finished watching Monk, I get a call from my best friend and he says

“When are you coming?”

I reply “I’m getting ready now & leaving”

But my mum says.. “you don’t leave, makeup an excuse, coz I’m not letting you go out.. If you do I’ll rip your legs off”

I tell my mum that I promised them and that I swore I’d be there.. but she still refuses. I dress up all emo-like coz I thought bout trying out being emo and if it would suit me, I comb my hair all the way down and it covers my forehead and is just above my eyebrows. I dress up in black, black jeans, t-shirt & black shoes. I go upstairs nad wait for my dad, my mum stares at me.. then turns away. My dad comes home & we set out.. I reach 360 and call ma friend then headed off to “Let’s Burger”. I’m there and 2 of my friends are already there, Joey & Karamel. I sit down, we chat a bit then Karamel starts dishing out crap bout the way I dressed up. Joey joins in but I don’t mind @ all, then Karamel goes on about my hair and how I’m trying to copy his hair coz I combed it down and all.. I told him I’m emo for the day and he’s like “yeah yeah” then we switch tables and Kamila is here with a friend that only Kamila & Karamel know. We chit & chat till it was 10:30 pm. My sister calls and wants me to take em Ice-Skating.. my friends say “stay” “don’t leave” Saturday is our day” and so I stay.. Me and Joey head off to the arcade & play some car racing, then some shooting. We head back and set off to Fridayz and enjoy a meal and talk some more.

The nights almost over and we’re all happy, nearly high and over the top. We all head home and my mum refuses talking to me.. I just head downstairs and head to bed..

2 dayz later, on Twitter chatting to Karamel, everything’s cool & fine.. were chatting as we normally do then n I get called “pussyboi”, I let it slide by coz it was a joke.. then Joey joins in & they both chat and keep calling me “pussyboi” and “shutup dumb pussyboi”.. I keep saying to myself its a joke..

I wake up the next day and its still the same thing all over again on Twitter. I start answering them back, then tell Karamel why theyre doing this.. answer? “stop being so dramatic pussyboi”

I text Karamel one-on-one and ask why theyre doing this and the answer i get is “dumb pussyboi” I say that im not gonna talk to him if he keeps this up and I get “dont be so dramatic pussyboi”

I stop talking to Karamel.. Next day, I tweet “Morning Twitter” and then Karamel tweets “Morning twitter-hearts” or something like that, but I dont reply then he says “what so you’re ignoring me on twitter now? sad.”

After that Joey stopped talking to me.. Geez I wonder why.. What makes me really mad is that Karamel knows whats going on in my life.. exactly whats happening and he knows what im going through..

What the hell did I do to deserve this fuck?!!

Now after all that happened, what did I get out of that outing?

Found out I had dickheaded friendz and a mum that still refuses talking to me..

But i’m not sad.. or even depressed, I found out that family is a thousand times better than friendz.. My cozins took me in and were longing to go out with me since forever but I kept saying “no, im going out with ma friends”

Now I lost my mum on the expense of going out with a bunch of dickheads but in exchange.. now I can go out anywhere I want and do whatever I want whenever I want coz my mum duznt talk to me. I know I should hate them for this, but I wont..

Instead I learned not to get too attached to ppl I meet, not trust everyone and most of all I learned how to say NO!!!

Should you ignore your parents? NO!

Should you ever go against you parents? NO!!

Should you ever grieve over your your friendz? HELL NO!!!

“Be careful when handling your enemy, but be a thousand “1000” times more careful when handling your friends coz they just might turn against you and know exactly how to hurt you”

One of the typical responses I might get if my so-called friends were to comment:

“Boohoo stop grieving over your life, get over it”

“its your fault and not ours”

“leeeeeeeeeek dat litul poooooooosyy pussyboi”

“no one likes a copycat stop spreading ur poison”

Or anything that might refer to the fact that all this is my fault 🙂 yeah I know em inside out and like the palm of ma hand.


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Don’t Try This!!!

1 Month after my birthday 😛 : 22nd August 2010.

I’ve went through a really amazing phase in which I haven’t eaten or drank anything for 2 dayz!! As none of you know I have a part time job and my job lasts 4 hours from 1o pm – 2 am.. I was doing OK and working at 110% but when it was 11:55 pm.. I called for my break and got the tray to get my meal & break.. Suddenly just as I picked the tray I started feeling a bit tired.. then everything started going bright white.. The hell am I supposed to see?!!

So I bump into a colleague.. my tray fallz, I apologize & take the tray and keep running towards the lunch room.. where I collapsed and NEARLY faint.. (don’t go around telling people I fainted.. coz I NEARLY fainted).. I started breathing heavily & my arms started twitching.. my eyes got all blurry and the hell.. all I thought about was “keep going on”!!! I wanted to see how long I’d last with no food or water.. apparently not long enough >.<

Anyways.. what also changed along this year is my addiction.. I am sadly addicted to drinking Nescafé Mocha´s. I drink about 4 in an hour & I have to resupply myself with 10 cans everyday just so I can have my brain set at ease & relieved that there is no way I’d run out of it!! I’ve been told that it was bad by a friend of mine.. cool but I kept on going & drinking.. I saw the picture below & am still going strong and drinking more.. >.<


  1. Recent consumption of caffeine, usually in excess of 250 mg.
  2. At least five of the following signs:
    1. restlessness
    2. nervousness
    3. excitement
    4. insomnia
    5. flushed face
    6. diuresis
    7. gastrointestinal disturbance
    8. muscle twitching
    9. rambling flow of thought and speech
    10. tachycardia or cardiac arrhythmia
    11. periods of inexhaustibility
    12. psychomotor agitation


  3. Not due to any physical or other mental disorder, such as an Anxiety Disorder.

Basically, overdosing on caffeine will probably be very very unpleasant but not kill or deliver permanent damage. However, People do die from it.

So peoplez who are reading this.. don’t EVER start drinking that evil sexy drink!! One sip and you’re hooked for eternity!! I’ve called sick for work yday & I’m blogging this post today when I should be at work.. but apparently I’m “sick” according to body.. which frankly I don’t care coz it’s you who controls the body & make it do what YOU want.. the body ain’t your master!! Remember you can do ANYTHING if you put your heart to it!!! 😛

I wonder how many cans it’d take to kill me.. the friend who told me it was bad thinks 69 cans is enough XD I know what he means but still.. he might be right!!!

Peace Out!!!


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Letting Go..

I know imma regret makin this post but.. I think i’m way too held up by my childhood. I don’t want to let go & can’t seem to let go. I can’t even accept the fact I’m growing up & that I have to stand up alone to face the world.. To go to college & work for a living. All I seem to think of, to want or to even dream of is just me, my friends & my family to just stay the same as we always have.

But now, everyone is leaving.. Everyone’s taking off towards their future & destiny… Everyone except for me. My cousins are leaving for college now, my brother & a couple other cousins are too young for me to hang out with.. My friends, well they’re all setting off to face the world and confront their future.

But.. what about me? What about my adventure?

I’m normally outgoing and all.. but now.. I’m scared, frightened and lonely.

Eventually imma have to let go.. sooner or later, but I choose now. I choose to face the world alone, I choose to stand up to the world and scream out loud “I Will Make It!!!”

But.. what would be of my past, I would’t want to leave all the memories and fun times I had, the ups & downs & especially my friends & family. I might be 17.. but I am growing up at my own pace, if I compare myself to my friends.. I’m way back, way way behind & the only chance to catch up with them is.. I have to let go & forget them, to bury them away with my memories to keep my head straight & my thoughts concentrated. If that’s the price it’d take to get me to the top.. then i’m searching for a new way, a way to keep my friends and still be ontop, a way in which I would be running alongside them & facing what the world has to bring..

I’m letting go.. but I’m not forgetting.

People & family used to tell me, “Don’t get too attached to someone, don’t trust anyone but yourself.”

I first thought that was true & did exactly that.. but then I met my friends, they made life a great experience. Fun, enjoyable, great, happy & colourful.. it got me too attached, with no way to let go.

I’ve always been living in my own fantasy world, but this is a wake-up call.. it’s time to snap out of this & join my friends & family.. It’s time to DUEL!!!


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My Friend’s Famous :O

I got ma friend who y’all prolly know: Q80Boy

One of his readers Hunter found this website which included a blog, the post was about Zain Telecom or something and the blog belongs to Q80Boy XD 

Here’s the screenie 😛

You have to click on it then zoom in >.< Oh well XD

He’s prolly gonna end up as an Internet Celebrity.. boy won’t that be a blast 😛


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Barack Obama Host Iftar

President Barack Obama was compared favorably to America’s first president and castigated as uncaring Friday after defending plans to create a mosque two blocks from New York’s ground zero.

“Muslims have the right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country,” Obama told a White House dinner crowd celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan Friday.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has defended the 13-story, $100 million Islamic center, said Obama’s remarks reminded him of George Washington.

President Barack Obama hosts an iftar dinner, the meal that breaks the dawn-to-dusk fast for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan, Friday in the White House State Dining Room. Obama said the American tenet of religious freedom means the freedom of Muslims to build a mosque near ground zero in New York City.

“Two hundred and twenty years ago this week, the Father of Our Country penned his famous letter to the Jewish Community of Newport Rhode Island or, as he called them, ‘the Children of the Stock of Abraham.’ President Obama’s words tonight evoked President Washington’s own August reminder that ‘all possess alike liberty,'” Bloomberg said.

But Bloomberg wasn’t speaking for all New Yorkers.

Rick A. Lazio, a Republican candidate for governor and a former member of the House of Representatives, issued a statement late Friday that the president was still “not listening to New Yorkers,” The New York Times reported.

“With over 100 mosques in New York City, this is not an issue of religion, but one of safety and security,” he said.

With that.. Obama never ceased to amaze me! One great guy!!!


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Life In A Day!!

If you’re a YouTube regular or are bored most of the time then you might have been going to YouTube alot more lately.. If you have an eye for spotting differences then you might have noticed this:

(Click on the picture coz you can’t see it properly without full size.. idiots if you think you can >.<)

I pointed at it in the search box 😛


Now for the real deal behind this “Filming Day” is as follows:

Helping Document A Single Day On Earth From Everyone’s Lives 🙂

A pretty good idea I would say & all those who participate & upload their videos of some of their lives including answering some Q’s like:

What do you love the most?

What do you fear the most?

What makes you laugh?

What makes  you sad?

What do you have in your pockets (for girls it can be purses :P)?

The most compelling & distinctive footage would be edited together to make 1 Experimental Documentary Film of everyones life on our beloved Earth. Producer is Ridley Scott & Director is Kevin Macdonald (Weird huh?) 😛

If you really really really really really wanna join then all you gotta do is follow these 3 Simple Steps:

1) Film Your Day.

2) Answer Kevins Questions.

3) Upload Your Video.

For more information & for location of uploading videos & the rules go to:

Have fun & hopefully your footage gets chosen 😀

*Is off to shoot his own footage*


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Happy 17th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

OMGz Who’s Birthday Is It?!!

Oh me?!! You shouldn’t have XD

No no I insist 🙂

I said you shouldn’t have >.<

Ok I take it back >.<

No I want it.. sry 😀 XD

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